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Positive Change Leads to Enjoyment of Life

Life Is A Journey

    Hello Beautiful Soul, Positive Change Leads to Enjoyment of Life The Great Journey of Change Bookings Now Available & Sale Continues It is great to be  back taking bookings for September and early October. I have had a profound time when I look back at my journey of self discovery a new level […]

Energy Change

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Energy Change

ENERGY CHANGES MASTER DAY OF 11 CREATING A SHIFT IN AWARENESS THAT IS MORE ALIGNED AND EASIER. ‘The New Road Ahead’ Image – UnSplash Gary Homer As we move out of November the last day the 30th is a Master day and will slow us down to focus on what we are looking to change. […]

Shine Your Light

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light Written by Judy Anne Browne Have you ever heard people say to be confident and don’t let anyone dim your Light? Well, more than ever you are having to be more vigilant in what you say and do with the world feeling the effects of negativity and becoming more stressed and overwhelmed […]

Definition Mind Soul Wellness

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Definition Mind Soul Wellness

REVIEWS FOR JUDY’S WORK AT MIND SOUL WELLNESS – Self Development  It is a priority to work with the programs habits and learn’t behaviors  especially from new born to 8years when we are like sponges to learn information. Our Soul carries timeless information like a hard drive on a computer with stored memories events and trauma. […]


  I would love to welcome you MIND SOUL WELLNESS I have been working with energy for many many decades I am a empath and alchemist and transform heavy energies. We are at a very pivotable time in history as WE +our earth recalibrates + shifts into a higher state consciousness that will eventually bring […]


Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Conscious MENTORING

Personal Change Starts With You? I’m offering as a New Vibe for success Mentoring Program. Imagine three months of high vibrational energies daily in the package that is now being updated to something more than expected or imagined. Why you may be asking? 2023 a NEW YEAR FRESH called the INSPIRATIONAL CHANGE a year of […]

Energy Update 18 April 2022

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Energy Update 18 April 2022

  Listen to the  Update that was part of the Easter Transmission. A powerful download was experienced with Mary Magdalene and Jesus working with us to shift our consciousness and connect more deeply into our hearts. 2022 Is a powerful year of shifting and claiming we are ready to step into this new time we […]

Calm the Mind

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Calm the Mind

A process to gain balance and equilibrium to ease stress overwhelm and fatigue I invite you to sit back be comfortable let go of your day as I know life is busy and demands on us can be high. I have always wanted this space to be loving high vibration and a nice place to […]


Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | BELIEVE

BELIEVE When you believe in yourself you can step into your true purpose  by opening to life’s possibilities, we grow and manifest heart’s desires. Sometimes in life you attract what you were not searching for or not ready for. Usually for good reason! When we key back into our heart to feel and imagine new […]


Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | CODES OF LIGHT

A Call to have in your TOOL BOX this Call will grow with your journey as your Higher Self leads the way always. Use the photo of the light codes captued on the new moon to activate you journey My heart is full and overflowing on this day. I have just gifted myself space to […]