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Definition Mind Soul Wellness


It is a priority to work with the programs habits and learn’t behaviors  especially from new born to 8years when we are like sponges to learn information.

Our Soul carries timeless information like a hard drive on a computer with stored memories events and trauma.

Wellness is associated with the minds thoughts feelings and emotions this has a big effect on wellness and  genetic and DNA we carry from our ancestral lineages from mother and fathers side. Always working with Universal Zero point spanning all life times through soul libraries of past and present time lines.

Taking  on the role of a forensic detective diving deep to find the cause, who was involved how it took place and what and why to get the bigger picture of what you are carrying

Together   choosing to become more  elevated as the clearings and information is revealed. This defines the work and modalities of the Healing Arts at Mind Soul Wellness.

Over decades of experience a Life Path To Change using Self Development and Light Language of Sacred Geometry to shift your energy and vitality.

Career and Business Love and Relationships  to Finances and Money all carry the vibration of LOVE.

Once you understand LOVE IS EVERYTHING Energetically you become a magnet of attraction.

Read what others have experienced over the many years.

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Definition Mind Soul Wellness

Sacred Activatations : Receiving the 26 Golden Seals for Self Healing for Freedom level 1 Training – Thank you for this amazing class This was the most incredible , moving healing class I have ever attended. It has helped me on so many levels I can’t put it into words how expanded and in love with life I feel . I experienced so many shifts and dropped so much baggage ! Truly it is a Sacred Activatations : Receiving the 26 Golden Seals for Self Healing for Freedom level 1 Training – Thank you for this amazing class This was the most incredible , moving healing class I have ever attended. It has helped me on so many levels I of peace is now with me . I feel more open to the future and have a knowing I can change what is no longer working to a happier and brighter life. I am now able to help myself move forward using the Sacred Activations – KM of peace is now with me . I feel more open to the future and have a knowing I can change what is no longer working to a happier and brighter life. I am now able to help myself move forward using the Sacred Activations – KM

Sacred Activatations : Receiving the 26 Golden Seals for Self Healing for Freedom level 1 Training –
I have found this class has brought back my radiance and helped me re balance myself and activate my energy once again. I have more awareness and acceptance of my surroundings and feel a deep feeling of peace within me . It’s been a safe space in a beautiful environment guided by an amazing teacher . A day of peaceful loving energy . I feel lighter! Thank you so much Judy – C J
I have known Judy Browne for over ten years. I have had healing sessions and been part of her Meditation course that have always been life changing for me.
I have noticed that each time I listen to a replay I feel more relaxed, peaceful and positively focused afterwards.
These meditations and activation’s are full of high vibrations and I can easily feel the wonderful energy and healing that is happening around me as I allow myself to receive.
I highly recommend these meditations to anyone who is ready for change and have a wonderful new experience.
After a recent Session with Judy I likened the experience to having a session with 20 healers !
Jennifer Rae
Business Owner
Rose Quartz Cafe

“I would like to thank you so much Judy for you’re Meditation Course and 8 Module Mastering Me Course.
I am so much happier and feeling confident creating a life of synchronicity which is allowing me to shine like never before !!!
The more I listen to the replays the more I’m growing, expanding my awareness and really trusting who I am and feeling more empowered.
I have also noticed since completing Mastering me my left arm no longer has the pain that I have had on and off for years!
I would recommend your Sessions to anyone who wants to be the very best version that they can be!”
– Frances Scaparci

“The Mastering Me program has completely changed my life. Being on this journey and really committing to completing the program properly by listening to the modules over and over until I was able to remain awake and absorb all the energies and up level every time I listened, has given me what I can only describe as super inner strength. I feel like superman spiritually. I no longer have insecurities, my self worth has multiplied and I feel like I can take on anything and succeed. Mastering Me and the guidance you have given and the time spent working together has had a great impact on how I see the world and has opened up doors I never thought were possible. At times it felt like nothing much was happening and then one day you look back and realise how far you have come and how different your outlook on life is now compared to before. I really noticed the up levelling in yourself Judy compared with when I first came to see you. The spiritual debris that you have helped clear away has allowed me to see through the grey smog and open up my third eye and my heart, allowing me to receive and connect with others in so many different ways. I AM so grateful you offered this program and are able to help so many people. I feel like the shackles have finally come off and I cannot wait to see where else we can journey together. I AM looking forward to the next program you run as I will be the first to say YES to the program/session and YES to the most amazing life you are helping me create for myself. I can easily describe this journey as someone who is falling in love with life and more importantly, with their own soul. I found that when I began to love myself more I started making unconscious decisions to improve my quality of life. I naturally and without effort, began to say yes to the things that improved my well being like healthy eating, exercise and connecting more with the people I love.
I AM so happy! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Judy.”
– Mimi Haddad

I was burnt out and had lost my work – life balance altogether. I was juggling a demanding leadership position with part time study and running a household with two small children. It was exhausting ! I was stressed and anxious . I’m Working with Judy I was able to focus on my core values and develop leadership skills in communication …. especially communicating with senior leaders. This lead to my receiving a promotion that gave me more flexible working hours.
Also the growth in my leadership capacity has meant that I also feel much more like I am part of the team and that I’m supported and valued by senior leadership. The shift in priorities and self – esteem has also led to a change in my family dynamics which has given me back more time to spend with my family, but when I do so,I am far more present and engaged with them emotionally than I was before.
Overall I ‘m less stressed , no longer anxious and have much more balance throughout my life.”The up-leveling ” that was brought about by my involvement in Judy’s Mastering Me program was really enjoyable. I have a deeper sense of myself, and have accepted a new peaceful momentum of progress throughout life .
– Dorothy

I have seen the amazing Judy for both my Personal life and my Business. Whilst I love her brilliant massages, it’s her energy work that is extraordinary and literally the reason behind the massive growth in my business,
Iridis Cosmetics which took a huge leap forward after a particular session Judy did which cleared blocks holding me back from stepping into my true self and that of my business.
After the session all these amazing opportunities started opening up like magic for my business and the growth we’ve experienced is more than I could have imagined .
I quit my “other” job to focus on my business full time and I’ve soared! I also undertook Judy’s “Mastering Me” program and was so impressed with the things that came out of that for me.
Judy truly has a unique and outstanding gift. Whenever I refer people to her I always say, “Judy is the real deal.”
She’s also helped us sell our home (removing a curse /toxic energy that stopped people coming through for 3 weeks – then after her clearing, we had 8 couples through!)
My partner Kelly also has had some major breakthroughs which resulted in her singing voice being cleared, past life blocks – literally curing a cough which she’d had since primary school .
– Peta-Gai McLaughlin
– Kelly Lowe
Make Up made Simple

Judy is equivalent to a rare jewel – A Healer, Mentor and Guide who is genuine, soul centered, generous and desires to empower humanity through their transformations and breakthroughs. She is a clear conduit and has provided me with unexpected solutions to clearing blocks and unseen obstacles which have held me back from fulfilling my path.
The Mastering Me program is an all encompassing course which clears from the ground up and then took me to uncharted waters, new heights and has helped me immensely.
Don’t hold back, you will be pleasantly surprised! – Nadia


“I was going through a stage in my life and questioning what it was really all about. There had to be more to life than this!
I had moved states made other changes in my life and things just weren’t right, it was a difficult time. I was talking to a good friend of mine who had been to see Judy and we chatted about her experience, it was all very positive so I thought I have give this a go, so I can move forward and get on with living.
So, I contacted Judy telling her a bit about what was going on my life and would she like to work with me to get through this. That was several months ago and I haven’t looked back.
The work that we have done has been amazing. I feel a totally different person I am so much lighter, more positive and know that there are lots of great things coming into my life, things have changed already.
I have been able to lose the old and not so good patterns, I handle situations differently, feel less angry and really trusting in the process that my life is improving leaps and bounds, I am being truthful with myself about who and what I want in my life.
There is no other way to describe it but after working with Judy, I’m buzzing, vibrating and so excited about everything .
Its great …. After a few sessions with Judy ,
I actually told her I wanted all the activation’s I felt so good.
We laughed about it as there are a few!
Judy has been a valuable presence in my life and great healer who gives so much time, energy and support, Judy is always there for you, an amazing lady.
Judy I cant thank you enough and I’m filled with gratitude that you have come into my life.”
– Marguerite McKeown

“I have been working with Judy for the last 6 months and I have noticed a big change in myself. Not only do I feel clearer and lighter with her clearing my field. I now have more clarity in my life’s big decisions. The activation’s that Judy has used have changed my life. MK


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