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Meditation + January Energy Shifts 2024

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Shifting and change as we move into another astrological wonder just know we are together as we learn a new surrender technique to re create.
A return to simplicity to simplify life to be in life but not the chaos is a new perspective for some.
Meditation is stillness. If you are one to constantly rush no time this is a reminder to create more space for you to get to know yourself on a deeper level to love  to trust and accept every part of you not just some.
While we step into Pluto and Aquarius creating a dance together let’s just say it’s the beginning and it’s exciting and it’s tomorrow January 20.
What’s comes to me is Aquarius is air and sword like so cutting corners will not work right now but a time to be curios and embrace all that you are.
It’s a time of decluttering Self Soul Mind not forgetting your home and work desk!
Pluto is an intense sign and can bring destruction, dramatic change, death of the old.
Pluto also shows us how to react in such situations big or small that bring an awakening of togetherness compassion and love.
Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Meditation + January Energy Shifts 2024This is a time to be , to be present and connect to your own magical essence of self discovery.
Meditation and focusing on your breath will support stress starting with just 11 minutes a day will in time calm the nervous system and mind chatter the most important part is to bring your meditation into your daily ritual where it becomes like cleaning your teeth. You will after just four weeks notice you are calmer and less reactive to situations or whats taking place globally you will also have more energy to get things done and have clarity instead of confusion.
what would it feel like to wake up in the morning after a good sleep bering motivated for a happy productive day these are the benefits of a meditation routine.
Start with finding a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.
You can light a candle
Get comfortable spine straight
Close your eyes and focus on your breath
First I like to take a big long breath in and let it go with a big sigh letting go of the stresses of your day X 3 time
Next gentle breaths breath in to the count of 6 hold 4 let go X 6
Increase the length of holding your breath when you are able
You will start to feel focused on the count and with practice you will feel the gap of nothingness. This is the space you will work to achieve over time gradually building your daily practice to 20 – 30 min daily
Meditation is best done in the morning  / evening but you can achieve when you can set time for yourself.
I will set the timer on my phone but with the volume down so you are not startled.
You will find many meditations in the Shop to support you and sleep here is one of my favourites to calm and heal after a busy day.
In Love and Wellness
Judy Browne