Dolphin and Whale Wisdom Meditation


A meditation to heal the mind and soul

  • Setting up 7 sacred directions for a sacred container
  • The body is made up approximately of 60% water
  • While in the pre birth stage you are cradled in sacred waters
  • Experience deep healing with the dolphins and whales on ant trigger / issue you may have
  • Heal the body dna as we activate the 5 soul rays to promote healing
  • Embody sacred wisdom of sound and water through ancient teachings of sound

Dolphin and Whale Wisdom Meditation Healing
Travel to the sacred space of Kauai  the  ancient island of Hawaii  to be given access to the portal of sacred alchemy of the feminine Lemurian healing Temple

  • Imagine being surrounded surrounded by the “WISDOM” of ancient light language of the dolphins and whales.
  • Receive the 5 rays of water each having healing restorative qualities.
  • Experience Rejuvenation Re Harnessing high frequencies  Re calibration
  • Realigning to stillness and unconditional love bringing  great peace while you Release Restore and Rejuvenate
  • The Dolphins are here to heal humanity to shift from fear and uncertainty to lighten up to the sound waves of Joy Love and Fun
  • Music-  Cosmos  Chris Collins, Indie Music Box (
  •  Meditation  Sound – Theta Waves 432Hz to support your journey.Judy Browne