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  • Sound Bath Meditation Gathering
  • Letting go of the rambling busy mind by calming with sound frequencies
  • Cleansing and clearing the Neural pathways of the mind with the Sacred Activation Polar Opposites
  • Meditating in a group is easier to hold the space for easier access of balance calm and a higher state of consciousness
  •  Healing and Renewal
  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Higher awareness
  • Self nurture
  • Grounding you anchoring you with s new strength and courage

🤍   Sound Bath Meditation Gathering ,   As an Empath or  a Sensitive you can become a sponge without knowing and can feel anxious  and withdrawn.

  • This gathering was channeled  for a group of approximately 8 like minded souls starting with decluttering the  overactive mind.
  • POLAR OPPOSITES – Clearing  the neural pathways of the brain , the conscious mind,  subconscious mind cleansing creating new space to thrive and to be calm and confident.
  • LETTING GO OF WHAT NO LONGER SERVES YOU OR BRINGS HAPPINESS AND JOY as the sound bath works with you clearing cleansing using the tones and vibrations of the heart throat and third eye to rejuvenate heal and calm creating the perfect space to meditate.
  • You will be held in the Deepest Love and have your Higher Self LEADING THE WAY.
  • Supporting you releasing fear and resistance to change.
  • Deeper Acceptance  of self love connection to you.
  • Receive golden light codes and the beauty of who you are.
  • Complete and comprehensive body systems upgrades
  • It’s safe to be in my body
  • Its safe to be me



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    Absolutely incredible. These sessions are amazing, best way to switch off and get some Me time. Always feeling refreshed and at peace afterwards. I love, love, love these meditation sessions and the sound healing is fabulous I never miss a session. Thank you so much Judy :heartpulse:

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    Kerry M.

    This is one of the most peaceful relaxing meditation classes I have ever done.
    Thank you Judy, every class is different and I always come away feeling great.

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    Carmelina P.

    Thank you Judy for the amazing session last Saturday… I am still feeling the effects, from the guidance and the experience of being in the beautiful healing and up-levelling energies, almost a week later. So happy and grateful to being part of this group. xx

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    Elaine F.

    Judy what a fabulous meditation on clearing all our chakras and manifesting what we need. I have already been for my walk which is one thing I had let go during winter, so its had an impact already.i love the,way we are connecting through the channels and feel very excited for our future manifestions. Thank you so much Judy keep up the good work…Elaine xx

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    I feel blessed to be part of this group. What a wonderful session our first session together was. It’s monday morning and I still feel the light. The energies were just amazing. Thank you for following your guidance and providing for us. Many Blessings

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    Carmelina P.

    Wonderful meditation, feeling more peaceful and connected. Thankyou Judy xxx

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    You are truly gifted .. I’m so proud of you. X

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    I listen to it every night. Truly helps me through each day. THANKYOU :heart:

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    Only early days since having commenced the Remote Harmonic Monthly Prayer Circle. but really pleased to have seen reduction of pain in my body. Which I had mentioned being problem areas for me…… Many thanks and much love….

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    Great really helped

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    The power of being in the Harmonic Prayer Circle. 

    I called Judy regarding my mum who was spiralling down rapidly due to chronic pain from nerve damage. My aunt had already experienced great success and had recommended the HPC. 
    After speaking with Judy I ended up including myself for the month also. 
    At first I didn’t feel like I needed it … however. with the COVID year. parent’s compromised health. relationship stagnating and the pressures of work – I gave it a try – had nothing to loose.

    Wearing the mask of resilience. courage. strength and I am fine. etc had crumbled and the feelings of despair. anxiety. frustration had emerged due to suppressing them unknowingly.
    Judy. listening to your recording every night is powerful. It reveals and highlights what needs to be addressed.

    It has been life changing as it has improved my outlook. made me more aware of the impact of my words and actions and given me the courage to take risks in my relationship which strengthened it 10 fold.

    My mum. is currently in a good place also – she has gained energy and an improved attitude. Which is what is required to manage her life long condition. And … who knows – with Judy in our lives – I believe in
    miracles … FYI – Judy helped my mum 3 years ago get on a flight to the USA and spend time with her 2 boys for 4-month pain free!
    Mind boggling

    I highly recommend Judy to everyone – embrace an opportunity to reach for the stars. feel better. overcome a challenge or just be enlightened!

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    Tania L.

    Managed to listen to your meditation Judy. Got to the last 20 min then our bed was crashed by kids grr. I even got my husband on board to listen. We shall meditate tonight.
    This morning I woke up feeling amazing. I can’t remember the last time I have woken up feeling so alive. 

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    Rose L.

    To everyone who is reading this. I can never thank Judy enough for what she does.
    Judy is truly amazing. she has worked on my son on and off. with incredible results.
    He has stopped using. his beautiful nature has come back. and he has just received the best news of getting a job.
    I would never hesitate to recommend Judy to anyone. she is Amazing.
    Much Love and Thanks always Judy :heart:

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    Dr K.

    I have worked with Judy for almost 2 years. A precious soul that is to enlighten with Truth no matter the consequences for Inner reality.
    She doesn’t guess she speaks from the energy within.
    The Universe uses Judy to empower the light within and to transform the human spirit beyond our intellectual thoughts
    . I have encountered so many personal obstacles and never believed nor thought possible the outcomes Judy has shared through her wisdom and lessons until they manifested rapidly applying my application of the principles.
    Judy has a unique blessing from The Universe.
    Her connection is not with you but the Spirit that that rests within you.
    Her nurturing light can be an incredible immeasurable encounter that is life transforming.
    Dr Keith – Hawaii

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    Judy first off is a gem. She has a heart of gold and her prayer circles are powerful! When you connect at the same time she is doing the prayer. wow! The energy just permeates your body and you feel this calmness throughout. I love it!

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    Being part of Judy's Monthly Harmonic Prayer Circle every month has changed my life. Judy has unlocked doors. cleared negative energy and accelerated my healing ten fold. I am incredibly grateful for Judy's gifts. This prayer circle is truly magical. Thank you Judy xxx

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    Judy is amazing in all that she does
    I have got my son and partner in the Prayer Circle and finding calmness in them both.
    Always love your work you are truly a very special lady
    Rose xx

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