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Creating Space to reflect Self Growth

Creating Space to reflect grow moving forward in these fast moving times

When you are triggered you feel like you’re going to explode  it can be tears of emotions or anger it will always present differently depending on the intensity and what’s happening at the time.

Let’s explore some tools to support you when you find yourself drained or fatigued and how you can manage your time and self to restore fast.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Creating Space to reflect Self GrowthAllow your day your moment however much time you can carve out of your day be one of reflection asking yourself the important questions of how am I doing >> am I suppressing something that I’ve tucked away and it’s triggering you to get your attention?

When you feel triggered by an event or person taking time out in a positive way to journal to light a candle with intention of release  will support your day better than maybe say no don’t have time to deal with this today. I’ve done this myself and trust me when I say it will get worse the mind thoughts feelings emotions run riot creating anger and exhaustion  over the coming days weeks it’s often self sabotage as well ?

Tools to support your process

A  day, a few hours of YOU time  support to release and cleansing  will support you in changing what the core trigger is so make time to listen to a favourite meditation or podcast. If you have worked with me you will have meditation clearings / healings /programs to scan.

💡 Ask the question a light bulb moment takes place when you connect with your truth.

What will  support me most now?

Always set your intention in the highest truth and scanning your list of how you feel  >>>>

You will know the biggest emotion you may start feeling the emotion >>>>> keep going this is good you are bubbling up to releases some more with the  dig deep  dive to surrendering your greatest fears.

💡 We all have something tucked away it may  be anxiety or panic attacks that are showing up.

How you deal with these emotions thoughts and feelings is so important. We are at a time when the veils are thin meaning access to higher realms for support it is easier right now to get results fast!

We are all being urged to surrender let go to create on a new level to have a new trajectory.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Creating Space to reflect Self Growth💡 If you can have a  bath and have some time  add to your bath a handful of Himalayan salt plus the same with Epsom salts. Just before you get into your cleansing bath add some essential oils eg lavender geranium bergamot frankincense whatever you have is fine eucalyptus is good as well to clear heal revitalise .

Soak for 30 min listen to a meditation or music that creates a new space of creation for you.

Here is a meditation I would recommend for you – Restoring Equilibrium To Heal

Give thanks to your higher wisdom for support.

💡 Love Love Love yourself dance with who you are  dress in what makes you feel good and don’t let anyone dim your light.

Here is my booking schedule if you are ready to reach out. Timing  is everything 🙏

Wellness is energy Energy is everything .


My intention always is for you to move forward grow and be happy. Sometimes you may require to go deeper to get to the core stuckness if so I’m here to assist you .

Much Love for a life of manifesting your intentions!

Judy Browne
Mind Soul Wellness

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