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Are you An Empath?

When you feel  your different you  are sensitive your not sure what to do with this  “GIFT” you see this as “bad” or worse feel cursed it’s  stressful how to handle what you hear or being intuitive you may have visions and be confused about who you can trust?

What is Light What is the Dark?

When  you first realise hey I’m different you may feel you don’t fit in with your family?

You  start to shut down so you are accepted  and don’t get into more “trouble” especially if you are born into a religious family it can be very disruptive

You may isolate or like your own company better than others that may see you as weird.

I have worked with many who shut down their gifts because it was hard and you were exhausted.

You cry a lot.
Your having nightmares
Your exhausted .
You try and shut it down.
It becomes something you fight     >>>
You feel things often before it happens you feel weird  and at times confused .
Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Are you An Empath?Learning and committing daily will support you releasing energies that don’t belong to you or energy that’s not yours is a powerful way of realigning for more clarity confidence and flow.
Until you  find someone who gets you someone to guide you  to understand yourself  to clear your mental emotional physical and spiritual aspects that keep you  blocked stuck depressed not fitting in or incomplete.
I’m here to share with you >>>>
You have a gift a beautiful gift that can support you attracting your goals intentions and business with vibration and success.
This is important you have to be grounded and feel safe to be in your body to feel secure to feel ok.
Different is good when you honour who you are and value your authentic self >>> a celebration 🙂
Embrace your weirdness
Surrender is your friend right now
I know you
I see you
Let’s dance the dance to make this world whole again to bring your gifts forward is why your here.

I am here to celebrate you to show you how to stay clear and grounded while feeling safe and secure.

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I See You
Judy Browne
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