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Personal Change Starts With You?

Transform Your Wellness Journey with Holistic Healing

Hello beautiful souls! ✨ Are you ready to embark on a journey of holistic well-being and self-discovery? As a passionate holistic practitioner and healer, I’m here to guide you on a path to radiant health, balance, and inner harmony.

What I Offer:

Energy Healing: Experience the transformative power of energy healing sessions tailored to your unique needs. Rebalance your energy centers and unlock the flow of vitality within.

Mind-Body Connection: Explore the profound connection between mind and body. Learn mindfulness practices, meditation techniques, and stress reduction strategies for a calmer, more centered life.

Spiritual Guidance: Connect with your inner self and explore your spiritual journey. Whether you’re seeking clarity, purpose, or simply a sense of peace, together we’ll navigate the path to spiritual fulfillment.

Why Choose Holistic Healing?

Holistic healing is more than a practice; it’s a way of life. It encompasses your entire being—mind, body, and spirit. I believe in a personalized approach that considers your unique needs, empowering you to become the best version of yourself.

Let’s Begin Your Transformation!

Ready to prioritize your well-being and embrace a holistic approach to healing? I’m here to support you on this beautiful journey. Let’s work together to create positive shifts in your life.

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Complimentary  CALL Consultation: Curious about how holistic healing can benefit you? Schedule a free consultation, and let’s explore the possibilities together.

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Life as we had known it had changed, so anything that was sitting in shadow is now glaring you in the face you can’t hide because you can’t move around the way we consider a normal way at this time.

Mentoring –    CHANGE in a safe secure way that inspires


* RECEIVE 3 1.1 Alignment Sessions with plenty of time for expressing what really is happening and how you are feeling to get the most out of your private and confidential Sessions with me.
Each 90 min Private Session will be a 30 min Consult Call

*All with Replays

* PLUS 9 Empowering Creatress Calls where we dive into what’s coming up or triggering you – 30 min each these will be scheduled 3 per month

* You will be placed in the Harmonic Prayer Circle for 3 months while we journey the journey of empowerment and self love, self expression. Receive  as part of out time together 21 days of Healing with the Angels approximately 30 minutes daily. We will be working closely together so its important we are the right fit so you and I can work as a team of strength and inspiration.

Fully integrate, rebalance your Feminine and Masculine. Re – Create your life improving connection to self and others in a new vital open way. Personal and business relationships will shift your prospective in communication skills focus and clarity bringing goals to life in a fresh new way.


Safe to SHARE FULL Privacy Guaranteed
Become your own Creaturess and tap into all that is

* Increasing Intuitive KNOWING
* Healthy Boundaries
* Raise Your Vibration Connect to your Higher Intelligence
* Look younger and glow with new skin rejuvenation and new body awareness
* Financial flow- How to get back to a more aligned way of saving and dealing with money
* Life socialising and gaining increased confidence
* Family and Career gaining skills to balance and bring in ease
* Clearing your field of low energies jealousy spite evil eye and much more
* Email / messaging support

Tools that will support your process that will have a lasting effect of what we have achieved together . Over this time we work together we celebrate your strengths and successes and when we reach each mile stone that we are working on I’m there cheering you on!


Judy Browne

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Conscious MENTORINGMind Soul Wellness