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Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light

Written by Judy Anne Browne

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Shine Your LightHave you ever heard people say to be confident and don’t let anyone dim your Light? Well, more than ever you are having to be more vigilant in what you say and do with the world feeling the effects of negativity and becoming more stressed and overwhelmed with what we see via the news and social media.

Why are we feeling so stressed?

We are in a time of profound change energetically, and so is our beautiful Earth Gaia. Humanity is feeling the effects of the shadow programs of survival as we raise the vibrations of consciousness to create Love and Peace.

 The news, the grief of what we hear both consciously and on a subconscious level starts to impact us at work, home and before we know it we are starting to feel unwell, and this starts to impact day-to-day life.

Can you relate to these feelings?  

Not your usual bubbly self?

I know I can, and when we continually repeat the news and talk about what is happening we eventually take it on! This can trigger us to feel what we call a flat line. We are made up of Emotional, Mental, and Physical bodies and if we take this to a higher level our Spiritual aspects. These many layers surrounding our physical body take on energy.

I have known people to be abusive and constantly say words that do not support the beautiful person you are. Often it can be deliberate or just not thinking, and it is often disguised as a joke and the words following “oh it’s a joke”!

But here’s the thing if you hear this language often enough guess what? You start to take it on, and you start believing you’re not good enough, not pretty enough and you eventually after time think it’s true and you start to lose your confidence.

What’s the next step?

 When something doesn’t feel good, you want to ask why?

Next is to communicate on a level of compassion which does not put you in the blame game. Remember we are all on this journey together you never know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Standing empowered while having compassion is a positive way of dealing with situations while having empathy. No one should take away your power or dim your light or the same for others.

Having awareness can help ease the way without taking on the stress that may have built up because of a lack of communication.

Nurturing you is an important aspect of showing up and shining your light. 

We are all connected so when you are aligned and balanced those around you can feel its positive effect.

When you are witnessing what’s happening your energy and Simple word or lighting a candle have such a positive effect when used with intentions or prayer.

 What you believe comes to fruition, and yes you are the shining Light you were born to be, and this will help others see their Light as well.

I am a Star Seed Empath and Sensitive I understand and LIGHT my specifically is to support those effected with clearing your field and to feel empowered. I have many meditations and sessions and healing sessions focusing in MIND SOUL HEART WELLNESS –



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