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Wellness And Aging EMBRACING NATURAL BEAUTY  we all want to stay and look forever young! Yes, society has placed us all in a glass bowl of the beauty and age misconception.
I hear you agreeing with me. It starts when we are young and continues until we realise age is just a number and let’s get over it! Social media has set the pace whether young or older to look amazingly youthful and this brings with it stress and often depression.

So what’s it all about?

Aging starts almost immediately from birth. The theory behind aging turns to genetic programming, the endocrine theory where the hormones and body clock controls our aging process and our internal DNA process.
My own personal experience goes back to when I was almost a teenager.
I was quickly becoming aware of my appearance and those around me. I decided at this age I was going to cherish my skin and look after what I had been given. As I write now I feel into my own conviction for myself to be the best version I could be at this time but there was a sense of real pressure. Being young and not knowing our inner beauty can be crushing for a teenager.

So we all know aging is inevitable to the outcome but our mind is the biggest influencer and we start thinking we are not enough.
The first step is to let go of your age number and the need to look into the mirror for self-validation this will only close your heart and the mind will take you into illusion once again.
When we let go of the need to be a certain way we align to our authentic self. New levels of confidence emerge and your loving energy that is held deeply within you starts to shine once again this is a celebration when you feel this shift!

A positive mind set takes commitment but the rewards show us it’s all worth it. My work has revealed to me we can slow the aging process by releasing the subconscious and genetic programming and flip the switch back to rejuvenation.
Meditation and yoga are perfect activities to start reversing the aging process. Both create more energy flow and flexibility creating deep relaxation while letting go of tension. When you connect you learn the art of loving through your own eyes.
Often confidence and a high level of self- worth are best friends, running hand in hand to guide you in life to shine your brightest. Loving yourself, appreciating yourself – even if you’ve never been taught how – is possible!

Feeling radiant and beautiful from your core comes from a place of being confident and secure within you and how beautiful you are. As women when we are happy and connected and owning our self-love our beauty shines inside and out then reflects out to others making you magnetic.
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The Power of Transformation

Embracing our Natural Beauty

Written by Judy Browne

Victoria Australia