Lions Gate 8.8.8 Transmission Meditation


A magical time when the Heliacal Rising of Sirius is 20 times brighter than the sun and coming into alignment with the Galactic Sun this is truly a power house time to ignite your life and tap into all that you truly are

* This transmission is a stand out although this gateway opens every year at this time this captures the highest light codes as the veils are so thin.This is a quick look at what took place.

* Deep cleaning process as a preparation for the journey releasing the old 3D fear matrix for a full connection to your higher self activating awareness.

* Super charged – 144 Qualities of Divine Love to elevate you on all levels and dimensions.

* Cord cutting releasing any heavy dark energy connections known un known silent reconnecting false light or anything that would prevent you from receiving the transmission activation. Releasing all spiritual equities that block you or keep you stuck.

* Reclaiming Divine Sovereignty – Activating and cleansing you Pineal gland to amplify Spiritual Gifts Connection Finances Wellness Codes. Strengthening immunity

* Mary Magdalene presents with the Mystic Rose

* Connection Great Galactic Sun – Sirius – Pyramids of Egypt

* Intentions released and amplified – 15 MINUTES OF MEDITATION – GROUNDING


Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness





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