Lions Gate 8.8.8 Transmission Meditation


Lions Gate 8.8.8 Transmission Meditation ~ 1 HOUR JOURNEY

  • Reclaiming Divine Sovereignty
  • Activating and cleansing you Pineal gland to amplify Spiritual Gifts
  • Connection Finances
  • Wellness Codes. Strengthening immunity
  •  Mary Magdalene presents Mystic Rose
  •  Connection Great Galactic Sun – Sirius – Pyramids of Egypt

Lions Gate 8.8.8 Transmission Meditation


 Deep cleaning process as a preparation for the journey releasing the old 3D fear matrix for a full connection to your higher self activating awareness.

  •  Super charged – 144 Qualities of Divine Love to elevate you on all levels and dimensions.
  • Cord cutting releasing any heavy dark energy connections known un known silent reconnecting false light or anything that would prevent you from receiving the transmission activation.
  • Releasing all spiritual equities/ programs /shadows that block you or keep you stuck.
  • Intentions released and amplified – 15 MINUTES OF MEDITATION – GROUNDING







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