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ACTIVATION’S / MEDITATION /GUIDED JOURNEY New Moon Activating your SPARK OF CREATION REVEALING A NEW SELF OF SELF DISCOVERY Receive sacred transmissions of Light through Light Language Strengthening your full Connection to SELF, YOUR HEART, YOUR SOUL Essence in REMEMBRANCE OF WHO YOU TRUELY ARE  Fully immersed in soul love.


Receive sacred transmissions of  Light Language

Strengthening your full Connection to SELF YOUR HEART YOUR SOUL IN REMEMBRANCE OF WHO YOU ARE to thrive in a fast world of change and disruption releasing you from unrest. Receive healing to support your nervous system to be brought into harmonic balancing.

Finding peace and calm receiving and knowing you are supported during this process. We work with the soul seat and received a healing on the central nervous system. Supportive hormone balancing to help with your sleep patterns. Many people are feeling sleep deprived

* Receive Sacred Activation’s – Collective Wound Release –

* Creative Gene

* The Hara Line was cleared to gain more grounding to be able to manifest for NEW creation.


* The Gene Key no 33 was used drawn for the call, representing Revelation – Mindfulness – A lot of healing and clearing on the throat and thyroid.

* WITH THE NEW MOON WE SET 2 INTENTIONS, that are magnified to elevate your choice or something better as we move through the call we are gently led into a meditation.

The call is 1 hour of letting go of whats not working it is a big healing and transformational experience of letting go of the fear of uncertainty and so much more. I

This call is set up that anyone who chooses to buy / register is automatically included in the call when it took place. my work is all about health and wellness so letting go of stress worry and the fears is very important in honoring the physical body mind heart and soul.


Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness


9 reviews for STRENGTHENING CONNECTION _ CREATE Meditation Call

  1. mimihaddad33

    Absolutely incredible. These sessions are amazing. best way to switch off and get some Me time. Always feeling refreshed and at peace afterwards. I love. love. love these meditation sessions and the sound healing is fabulous I never miss a session. Thank you so much Judy :heartpulse:

  2. Kerry M.

    This is one of the most peaceful relaxing meditation classes I have ever done.
    Thank you Judy. every class is different and I always come away feeling great.

  3. Carmelina P.

    Thank you Judy for the amazing session last Saturday… I am still feeling the effects. from the guidance and the experience of being in the beautiful healing and up-levelling energies. almost a week later. So happy and grateful to being part of this group. xx

  4. Elaine F.

    Judy what a fabulous meditation on clearing all our chakras and manifesting what we need. I have already been for my walk which is one thing I had let go during winter. so its had an impact already.i love the.way we are connecting through the channels and feel very excited for our future manifestions. Thank you so much Judy keep up the good work…Elaine xx

  5. Rose

    I feel blessed to be part of this group. What a wonderful session our first session together was. It's monday morning and I still feel the light. The energies were just amazing. Thank you for following your guidance and providing for us. Many Blessings

  6. melliep2

    Wonderful meditation. feeling more peaceful and connected. Thankyou Judy xxx

  7. beris.lyons

    You are truly gifted .. I’m so proud of you. X

  8. fabs1952

    I listen to it every night. Truly helps me through each day. THANKYOU :heart:

  9. rose101960

    Very Happy with my New Moon Creation purchase
    Judy is just amazing in everything she does. and would highly recommend without any hesitation to anybody
    Beautiful caring person
    Rose L

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