NEW MOON Meditation Creation Call Of Heart


NEW MOON Meditation Creation Call Of Heart

  • Receive new unique tool  when stressed anxious angry upset depressed or feeling out of sorts.
  • This tool can be used many times a day at call to bring you back to yourself.
  • Happy Self
  • Confidence
  • Stability
  • Grounding
  • Neutrality
  • Love
  • Stillness  = Peace

NEW MOON Meditation Creation Call Of Heart

  • A Call to have in your TOOL BOX this 1 HOUR Call will grow with your journey as your Higher Self leads the way always. Use the photo of the light codes captured on the new moon to activate you journey
  • My heart is full and overflowing on this day. I have just gifted myself space to connect with the New Moon Creation Call from Wednesday to receive the New Codes Of Light
  • I always recommend you listen at least once in the present moment sitting upright to hear and know the essence of all that is brought forward for you then you can listen in bed and if you fall asleep you are still receiving through your subconscious mind
  • I am beginning to realise these Calls are complete meaning you receive all you can that includes Clearings releasing old programs habits thoughts and emotions
  • Clearings on energy you have taken on from the collective your partner children family













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