MEDITATION FOR CREATION – Stay Elevated Heal _ Protect Immunity




What you will receive by listening to this Call is an Investment for your tool box 


* Deep Clearings of Heavy energies of Fear

* Release old  Fear and Old Survival Programs from your ancestral  genetic line on both mum and dads side

* A full body recoding to heal and keep you ahead of stress overwhelm anxiety

* Receive an Attunement Transmission to support you to recover what you have felt has been lost / stolen or taken away from you like a gift of Mastery from another timeline.

* Release Hidden Traumas / Memories

* Openings Of Heart filled Joy

* Completed with Sacred Activation Heaven on Earth and why you may feel it will never take place. Clearing conscious mind subconscious mind genetic / ancestral blood lines timelines from other lifetimes unplugging from the distortion of the collective world.

* Grounding

🙏❤️🙏 Namaste


Mind Soul Wellness



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