•  Release Hidden Traumas / Memories
  •  Openings Of Heart filled Joy
  • Completed with Sacred Activation Heaven on Earth and why you may feel it will never take place.
  • Clearing conscious mind subconscious mind genetic / ancestral blood lines timelines from other lifetimes
  • Unplugging from the distortion of the collective world

A powerful meditation and clearing to uplift and support you and can be used at any time to be a catalyst to shift how your feeling at any given time


♥️ Mind Soul Wellness


  •  Deep Clearings of Heavy energies of Fear
  • Total body care for wellness
  • Release old  Fear and Old Survival Programs from your ancestral  genetic line on both mum and dads side
  • A full body recoding to heal and keep you ahead of stress overwhelm anxiety
  •  Receive an Attunement Transmission to support you to recover what you have felt has been lost / stolen or taken away from you like a gift of Mastery from another timeline.
  •  Release Hidden Traumas / Memories
  •  Grounding

It is always unique each call we do a the new moon. This call was very powerful and deep supporting wellness relationships and abundance.

Keep listening you will go deeper each time. You can also have on silent on your desk or while you sleep.

All of the Calls of Creation carry powerful transmissions and clearings go support you and your family

There is no expiry date the energy is very active to support you.


♥️ Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness






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