Solstice Meditation UPGRADE

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Solstice Transformational Meditation Calming

  • This Call 1 hour of high Frequencies activating  Source Intelligence.
  • Say good by to old hurts pain and grief from the past
  • Be in sacred space to name up whats up for surrender
  • Be held in safety and love
  • The Temple journey is the activation transmission to UPGRADE you to new codings to hold more light and resilience moving forward.
  • This also concluded the health and wellness upgrades to support more vitality and stamina


       Solstice Transformational Meditation Calming the Mind
  • A big and awesome transformational meditation – 1 hour Journey
  • When you listen you will understand the full releasing and then to be taken to a beautiful altar .
  • The guidance to further cleanse to heal another altar appears within a temple where a transmission and upgrade was downloaded.
  • Setting intentions while I hold space for you to add what is important to your journey into 2023.
  • The words for completing focus on what you want not what maybe happening. This often comes in waves at family gatherings and can be unexpected.
  • A lot of time was spent journeying the body with exhaustion immunity and central nervous system.
  • May this be a very supportive and easeful time as Christmas and NYE close the year of 2022.
Thank you for saying yes.
Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness Ease Soothing background to complete your journey

1 review for Solstice Meditation UPGRADE

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    Mellie Pantalleresco

    Hi Judy, once again, this latest meditation has filled in and addressed so many levels of healing. It touched on areas that I didn’t even know were needing to be healed. I want to express deep gratitude to you dear beautiful Judy and your beautiful Spiritual Team for this meditation. It has left me feeling nurtured, uplifted, cleared of invisible strings and energies holding me back, and once more reconnected, strengthened and renewed…. much love and appreciation Mellie xxxx

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      Thank you for your kind words about my Team of Light that I Graciously hold space for throughout the meditations and sessions.
      Always so grateful.
      Thank you again and blessings to you.

      Judy Browne 🙏
      Mind Soul Wellness

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      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences I’m so grateful cans so good to hear you felt a big shift.
      Many blessing to you 🙂

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