Solstice Meditation ReSet



A Powerful Meditation Reset  to Support you moving into 2024

Celebrating you as we surrender the past, travelling together receiving clearings upgrades and transmissions within the void of creation


The end of the year brings  so many pressures to complete and a lot of expectation as well.

What is happening energetically is a purge and the death of the old self preparing the physical body to hold more light.

Your mind may be working overtime with old programs habits , dreams or visions

The Solstice is a time of Re Birth a Holy Time of growth and connection a new ReSet for 2024

I am very happy to announce the Solstice Meditation ReSet is now available to support you.

The music is 528 Hz frequencies to support you to go deeper a surrender interestingly it’s called “Magic” as we journey the journey to receive a transmission in Creation “The Void” a place of nothingnesss a place of surrender to receive more than we have received before.

A journey of Self Expression Surrendering the old habits  the past and ways we hold suffering.

Suffering is another form of fear and anxiety.

Suffering has many guises and affects us all on some level.

Wellness Finances Love Family Career Choices.

We went deep releasing old sabotaging mind chatter that’s demeaning us creating doubt.

This meditation has taken me to another level it was channelled  and we were taken through many stages of  surrender / letting go to have more allowance to receive.

2023 has been a big one with  physical wellness and mystery illnesses. The body is shedding / purging and not able to hold the light as easy as we would like ( this includes me as well)

The nervous system  was completely upgraded to adjust to what’s taking place.

This will pass and we will be celebrating with the beautiful sunflower photo with a magical lady bug signifying good fortune and vitality.

This meditation is  to bring you back to wholeness and your sacred blueprint to be able to vision 2024 moving forward with more ease flow and grace.

I’m very excited with this upgrade brought forward a few hours ago. It was suggested to listen regularly until January 30.

🤍 Awareness with mind chatter is key for our health wellness and physical body as you release injuries trauma triggering wounding disease and pain

This meditation addresses everything for you to tap into a higher vibration so you can expand your capabilities moving forward. The greatest gift is intuition and awareness. To have clarity is success and empowering you confidently into  2024


Sending Lots Of Love Your Way

Music  – 528 Hz wave  Magic



Xx Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness