Sacred Art Of Detachment _ Manifestation

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  • When you feel  stuck or blocked you feel deflated and disappointed  and give up trying.
  • Detachment is a powerful tool to re create as the activations move the stories that hold you back.
  • It take 21 days to change a habit
  • This mediation will shift you to feel more empowered around money.
  • Money is energy
  • Money carries the energy of love
  • You will release patterns of low self-esteem





Sacred Art Of Detachment _ Manifestation

  • Receive Sacred Activations to shift your focus and clear the fear
  • Neutrality
  • Confidence is the key moving forward
  • Start you journey and see how your intentions grow
  •  Fear of the Future
  • De fragmentation and Laser Focus
  • De activate Malware ( Removal of viruses + in organic Light )
  •  Art of Sacred Detachment
  • Millionaire Collective Consciousness
  • Big Clearings and support


1 review for Sacred Art Of Detachment _ Manifestation

  1. Avatar

    Really needed this

    Judy first off is a gem. She has a heart of gold and her prayer circles are powerful! When you connect at the same time she is doing the prayer, wow! The energy just permeates your body and you feel this calmness throughout. I love it!

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