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Sudden Life Changes

Mind Soul Wellness with Judy Browne

  A little about me, I am a Intuitive Life and Wellness Expert supporting us all to dive into our Mind Body Soul and deepen Mind Heart connection a little like a blossoming of a rose, you see the key is held deep within you to why you are experiencing certain events that eventually affect […]

Work Related Stress

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Work Related Stress

“Work challenges in the Corporate Sector” I am becoming increasingly aware of burnout in the workplace with my clients who come to see me because of exhaustion and sometimes feeling defeated in this changing world of work impact survival. My belief is to be the best version of ourselves and deal with leadership, life outside […]

Un Predictable Change

Mind Soul Wellness with Judy Browne

This year has been huge with lots of events and triggers from the past or present. We become sensitive especially this year being a Mastery year 11 as it is magnified! Why is this happening? Firstly because so much is not working or hasn’t been reflecting truth or authenticity or something is in this state […]

Mastering Who I AM

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Mastering Who I AM

Mastering who I AM Mastering Who I AM is when we ponder life with all the twists and changes, we navigate our informative years to become significant adults! We go through so many stages of growing up we become sponges when young learning from what we see and feel and of course our connection genetically both […]


Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | CHANGING YOUR MINDSET

CHANGING YOUR MINDSET FOR SUCCESS AND POSITIVE LIFESTYLE CHANGE “The Power of Transformation”  >>>>>>   Opening Your Mind to MORE   So as I sit here, I hear the words Opening your mind to “Mastery” for complete transformation within you. So what does this mean exactly? It is like we are receiving new ways of expanding […]

Inspiring Self Change

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Inspiring Self Change

Passion for life and how can it help us grow? Inspiring Self Change without passion we have no purpose, we get caught up in the never-ending exhaustion of “oh it’s ok it’s always been like this” cycle. Life feels hard when we are struggling to find the passion, and we lose interest in what we […]


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Empowering  Financial Magnetism meditation is here to support you  clear obstacles that block your money and responsible  ways of handling money without feeing your missing out. Powerful clearings to  get to the root of the wall that keeps you from manifesting workidedeg with the consios mind sub conscios genetic DNA of  your ancestal blood line […]


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                              Why Meditation  is your friend it has the ability to change everything in your life from fatigue and anger to how you view the world.It really is a matter of making time and committing to the cause that will have […]

Dealing with Pain

Letting go of Stress

The Power of Transformation Pain is a signal that something is out of alignment and something is missing? Our conscious and un conscious programming also plays a silent part of what takes place between body mind and soul. The issue in our society is more people are experiencing pain in their physical bodies than ever before. […]

Self Worth

  Your self-worth is intrinsically linked to your life experience. I’m sure you’ve felt on top of the world before, where a situation or a person or event has allowed you to say ‘Yes, I’m amazing!’ Remember how validated you felt, how on track and empowered you felt? But what happens when your self-worth becomes […]