The Power of Transformation
Pain is a signal that something is out of alignment and something is missing?
Our conscious and un conscious programming also plays a silent part of what takes place between body mind and soul.

This is a huge

The issue in our society is more people are experiencing pain in their physical bodies than ever before. It’s like an epidemic we become frustrated, life becomes stressful and suddenly we are experiencing uncomfortable pressure in our bodies. When pain suddenly appears it is a signal letting us know something more is going on. The majority of us are on a survival mechanism and push on regardless.
When we look at the bigger picture of pain it’s our higher awareness asking us to look and take action where we are feeling blocked in life.
In most cases, unless the injury is caused by a contact sport or an accident the pain is trying to tell us something else.

Why does pain persist?
Controlling situations and feeling shut down, ignoring conversation will build stress in our body resulting in toxins, pain and stagnant emotions. Fear distorts our stories and the mind takes over and we give up. We take on others opinions about ourselves ignoring our inner voice often to our detriment.

So What can we do?
When we feel supported this opens up new channels that weren’t available before bringing new possibilities to seek alternative ways to transform and surrender what often has become lodged in the body. Staying actively involved in the community has a way of uplifting our emotions which then triggers the body to feel good.
As an Intuitive Energy Healer and Mentor, the messages that I receive bring wisdom and insights resulting in lightness that possibilities are once again available to you allowing a release from the core issue and emotion releasing the pain often instantly. This creates a flow of energy known as Chi. This moves the energy which sparks a good feeling back like having a battery recharge!
Healthy minds equal healthy bodies and as we become more aware and able to share our feelings in positive ways trusting our abilities and believing in possibility.

So what does being in Alignment mean?
When you  feel  your own love and being authentic it  then sparks an energy freeing the ability to shape and transform your body and how you feel.
Being in Alignment means you are grateful for what you have in life your heart opens . Life takes on a new meaning and working through issues with solutions eases the mind resulting in you feeling happier.
Being in Alignment means life is flowing and you are able to manifest your intentions and life happen in the most magical ways lining up with synchronicity. Letting go of what’s not important is the first step of rediscovering a pain-free body. When in allowance letting go is easier than trying to make life happen. New doors and channels can flow generating vitality and good health. Are you ready to open the door to new health?
Allow me to support you

Metatreiya Goddess _ Feminne Healing

Judy Browne

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