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Un Predictable Change

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This year has been huge with lots of events and triggers from the past or present. We become sensitive especially this year being a Mastery year 11 as it is magnified!

Why is this happening?

Firstly because so much is not working or hasn’t been reflecting truth or authenticity or something is in this state we require a solution to repair the damage or why this is happening.
We are under huge transformation in all areas of banks financial institutions insurance nursing homes government and so much more. The old structure, old ways are breaking away for a new energy that can boost the economy through truth and being transparent.
Communication is a number one reason for a fall out. Sometimes we assume we know and others involved should too. Usually this isn’t the case and when we open up we discover it wasn’t exactly what we imagined or thought.

So why are we experiencing so much right NOW?

We are all enduring and I’ll include the planet earth often referred earth as Gaia.
She is shifting old restraints and grid systems from the old 3D programming from the past. This is a task that has been happening for decades with restructuring earth grids but also multi dimensionally as both are connected to create waves of energy vibrations to support the planet but also us.
We are having serious uplevelling almost monthly this year so we can change and live in a more peaceful and respectful way. A major task so it takes time and the same for us as we receive. You may be like me a sensitive or empath where any adjustment in energy affects you.

It’s about transformation and I don’t know anyone that couldn’t be further enhanced with new beginnings = Change.

If we stayed the “same” how would we GROW?

For me it would become boring as I love opportunities to do things differently even when I’m out of my comfort zone because I know at the end of it I’ll be celebrating ME. Some however resist change as this is the way it’s been and may reject or feel uncomfortable with what’s happening. I totally understand and get this is a very unsettling time for us all. When we do take a chance or a step that’s courageous this is the start of something better.

This elevates confidence and self esteem as well so a bonus in all directions of life.
Can you feel the shift in energy these past few days with the coming Equinox on Sunday September 23 Australia. This marks a change in seasons Spring for us and Fall for others across the globe. This is a time when the suns path crosses the equator and a time when the suns rays fall differently on the earth and a change in seasons.

Celebrations and Rituals are common to bring in the positive energy vibes of intention, manifestation and change for all involved.
Again a reminder that change is about being our best version of you that you can be to shine your own magical soul signature essence.

❣️ “This is when you are truely in Alignment and well worth achieving for your life to take off and shift direction .. in simple terms the icing on the cake for powering up to a richly loving and conscious life”.

For me personally these Equinox energies are bringing very deep sleep so deep I thought I had slept through my alarm but instead I had been asleep 3 hours! Of course we are receiving the high vibrational energies of the change from the Equinox to rejuvenate and up lift us further on our journey. As always I say yes please to raise my vibration!

You may experience tiredness from this extra activity so please be gentle with yourself hydrate rest nourish and know it will pass.
How are you noticing these huge changes?



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Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Un Predictable Change


Judy Anne Browne
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