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“Work challenges in the Corporate Sector”
I am becoming increasingly aware of burnout in the workplace with my clients who come to see me because of exhaustion and sometimes feeling defeated in this changing world of work impact survival.

My belief is to be the best version of ourselves and deal with leadership, life outside the office we often require fresh new ways and tools to deal with relationships, struggle and limitations not forgetting exhaustion.
The old business model can stretch human limits and has to change to be sustainable especially between the ages of 30 – 45 years. This is the critical time of climbing the corporate ladder/starting up your own business creating financial flow and recognition in the business world.

With conscious change and new ways of working with colleagues while managing teams with open approaches new tools this will increase focus and clarity.
When you have accesses to your super consciousness you have the ability to see before something falls apart without losing your cool. Sadly competition and jealousy can get in the way of working together so a more relaxed productive way would make way for new opportunities in the office.

How would it feel to have inspired action?

During a Session, we can create a better more aligned space so you can feel into the energy of “Inspired Action” .. Sometimes timeout helps to look at self-sabotage. When we feel stuck it is often a shadow or reflection of what’s happening behind the scenes. I use a protocol that can pinpoint where the block/stuckness is coming from and through scanning the age when it started.

At the end of the day when we take off the labels/names of who you are and go within we are all the same. We experience the same feelings and insecurities and work challenges and pressures take a role on partnerships and families.

About me

My former life with the corporate world led me into Natural Therapies, Meditation and the Healing Arts as a way of combating stress for myself and within my family.
This then gave me the opportunity to become part of this field with educating myself and committing to higher learning through study practices.

My part in the Awakening Process is to show you new tools through guidance Sessions to identify the source of struggle, low confidence releasing hidden pain, fear and hurt often starting early childhood. This will continue to trigger throughout life until it is released giving you outstanding results and reassurance that will reflect in all aspects of your life.
You will notice more energy and wellness to perform your daily work commitments and a deepen your connection with loved ones and Family.
My work attracts business people and those seeking a new way of dealing with corporate / family stress and time limits they may be facing. It’s all about time mangement, your achievements will be greater with more ease to bring in recognition and value to what you are working on.

Of course, as I mentioned earlier stress affects family and relationships become fragmented in the process. This is a time when relationships become strained and often struggles under the pressure

My work is my passion and my Soul Mission, guiding and helping others achieve a better workplace and happier Leadership that flows through higher vibration achieving precise access to the message and solution. This can shift a project or inspire a more productive mindset in the workplace.
Tools of strategy and ways to calm the mind are important to keep the fast-moving pace.

If you are open to achieving less stress and being calmer to achieve more with clarity be more productive and a higher awareness reach out I can help you.
This will further enhance relationships both business and personal and family connections restored.

Interestingly after I had written this article we went to the movies and syncronistically ended up in the wrong movie theatre at my local boutique theatre. So we were intrigued to find ourselves watching Christopher Robin. This took us on the journey of the businessman faced with stress and no time for family when he suddenly is taken back to memories of when he was a child and has a surprise visit from his friend Winnie- the – Pooh. I laughed its such a good movie. It really is about coming back to childlike simplicity to experience life on another level. I have just completed a Session on a very successful Entrepreneur and what came through was the old way and structure is changing and nothing is in concrete. This can be disappointing for some when the business model was about your dream.

Today it is about a fresh new approach to a more effective simpler plan that will deliver success and prosperity plus keeping the family unit intact happy and flowing. This has been lost through the pressure and expectations of the business world and fear of job loss. Priority is important and this starts with you.
We are encouraged to work smarter not harder.


Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Work Related Stress


Written by
Judy Anne Browne
Heart Awakening Transformations