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Your self-worth is intrinsically linked to your life experience. I’m sure you’ve felt on top of the world before, where a situation or a person or event has allowed you to say ‘Yes, I’m amazing!’ Remember how validated you felt, how on track and empowered you felt?

But what happens when your self-worth becomes crushed and you feel weak and vulnerable, unworthy to receive all which you desire?

It stops you in your tracks. You become paralyzed by fear, or regret or shamie.

A low level of self-worth can have debilitating results, so let’s see how you can move past it quickly and get to a place of transformation.

Firstly, where does this feeling come from?

When you have a sense of ‘not being good enough’ or unworthy, the root of the feeling is often masked or hidden under many past childhood and life experiences, hurts and pain.
It may be sadness or grief, a separation of love or a learned behaviour which makes us deny our great qualities and focus on our shortcomings.

Why does it continue?
It’s a learned behaviour. Our responses, thoughts and actions are all linked to how we first learnt how to react and think.

Our early childhood years sets the pace for how life shows up and rears its head when we are triggered and stressed and later in life.

After years and years of negative ‘self-speak’ and low self-worth, our negative core beliefs leave us exhausted and relating to others becomes difficult.

In short: Yep!

Family Genetics, the Collective Consciousness, constant negative media and stress can add up to help distort how we feel about ourselves and how we accept and appreciate ourselves.
How can I move from negative self-worth to acceptance? The first and biggest step is to let go of fear; this one action has the power to transform every area of your life.
When you make a conscious decision to allow yourself to truly be yourself, no matter what the consequences, what the feedback from others, what society or your friends or boss or parents think, guess what happens?

You can look yourself in the eye and say “I like you. I love you. I appreciate you”.
The Transformational Process begins with your intention of: “I am ready to be the best version of myself.”

How do I continue to grow?
The second step is action. You must take action (whether it’s large or small) to get to a place of beautiful self-worth and love.

Myself, as a Teacher of Sacred Activations and energy healer have learned the way of one activation you can shift a mass of limiting beliefs.

Activations using Sacred Geometry (which activates through mathematical codes) and sacred shapes can boost our energy field, releasing the density of low vibrational beliefs that hold you back.

Life responds when we believe in possibilities.

It’s starts with a decision and can results in a transformation of  every area of your life.
I’m excited to help you and I’m here to work with you in helping to shift some of the emotions that are holding you back and getting in the way of seeing what life can give you. Let’s make it happen NOW!


Written by Judy Anne Browne

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