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Inspiring Self Change without passion we have no purpose, we get caught up in the never-ending exhaustion of “oh it’s ok it’s always been like this” cycle.
Life feels hard when we are struggling to find the passion, and we lose interest in what we are doing.

How do I know what my purpose and passion are?

What I do is close my eyes and meditate on how I’m feeling about a situation or a project, does it make me feel light or cumbersome?
Often it will require you to step out of your comfort zone to reap the benefits of an idea or feeling.
Sometimes it can be scary stepping out of your comfort zone!
With every step or action, we will involve a feeling of being uncomfortable but when we are proactive, the growth that we can’t see at the time is significant.
Confidence flows then ignites something even better than you have now! A birth of a new beginning takes place.

Why does it take courage to go for something new and exciting?

When we feel the urge to dive into a new experience, we push our limits as we release our resistances and sacrifices of what we think we should be doing to please others which stems from the feeling of not enough or the need to fill something that was missing.
When you take each new brave step choosing something that will bring you joy and greater happiness you will notice you feel more energised and alive and your passion for life returns. Sometimes you have to simplify your life to be happy and on purpose, and you will find yourself de cluttering what you thought was necessary to upgrade to something better!

The outcome of change far outweighs the fear we had to go through to get to the goal; your life will seem to flow in a balanced and healthier way.

If you are looking at changing directions around your career with each action and step you take you will feel yourself wanting to advance into new leadership to attract new people that are positive and in a flow with you. It’s a feeling, and its energy and others can feel it.

When you love what you do it changes your whole perspective on life and at the end of the day reaching out and finding your purpose has encouraged you to grow and step out of your comfort zone.

While you are reading this, I am trusting I can inspire you to look outside the box of what you can do to connect more fully to what brings you happiness while igniting your passion it can be big or small it doesn’t matter.

We have heard it before the key to living your best life is to embrace yourself and all the wonderful things about you. It’s about shining your radiant light and igniting your passion because you are worth it!


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Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Inspiring Self Change

Written by Judy A Browne