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Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | CHANGING YOUR MINDSETSo as I sit here, I hear the words Opening your mind to “Mastery” for complete transformation within you.

So what does this mean exactly?

It is like we are receiving new ways of expanding our consciousness to shift our awareness, to achieve what is most important to us.
We all have different wants and needs, and our cultures and backgrounds influence our every move and decision. Our choices are many, and I hear you saying YES what should I do as I’m confused and nothing is coming together as I imagined it would! We create a cycle of stuckness that can only be explained as getting nowhere fast.

So what is the Solution to this as we are all feeling the pressure?

We say from a higher perspective that most are looking outside of the self for a solution,
Imagine and go within and intend that you see and know what it is that keeps you on the road of triggers and old wounding calling in the safety of compassion of forgiveness.
The mind has many, many components, and one is repetition, and the other is self-sabotage this alone can undo what you want to create.

The new pathway is to look for ways to open your heart, so the mind doesn’t step in to block you from making another mistake.

Does this sound familiar?

The mind will make a comparison from the past to protect and will block what you are doing. The memory can only deliver when it feels safe, so if we have programs of fear running, the self-sabotage battle once again will be switched back on.

How do we break the cycle of self-sabotage?

We enter this life literally through our own experience our memory is like a hard drive, and each situation of importance becomes imprinted in our cellular mind.
The first eight years are our most informative, and we are like sponges as we grow throughout triumphs and mistakes.

MASTERYWhen we learn to trust and see our experiences as growth, this begins to raise our vibration from victim to courage and strength. Over time and through the period of a process we learn to understand that much of what we have seen and witnessed as a child is out of proportion as it is from a child’s perspective.


I am not taking away from experiences but for myself as a child when we would visit my grandparents home the dam on their property was a long way from the house, and my memory was very different as an adult the distance was not what I thought at all. Everything as a child seemed exaggerated because I was small.

Illusion creates a different fear based picture, my clients, have noticed when we go back to that time to recreate the event, the memory is informed.

An alchemical effect takes place on many levels, the body and mind are balanced, brought back into alignment creating a New Beginning opening New Doors to Transformation and Vitality.

Written by Judy Anne Browne.