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The Importance of Clearing your Energy for Wellness

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 As we’re all connected like never before, for someone who is more sensitive to energy it can be a bit of a minefield. However, you can take steps to protect yourself – even if you’ve never tried and you’re not sure where to start.


Firstly, how can we screen ourselves from what’s happening in our own city or area? The first step is to realise we are all feeling the effects of what’s happening worldwide and we have to make a difference in how we respond to others.

Ask yourself how can I be more authentic and real in such a changing world? Remind yourself of your existence, your place in the universe and how you can excel at being the best version of yourself.

Here are a few ways to protect yourself from negative world energy:

1) Get out of the habit of watching the news on a regular basis.

So much of the news is negative and combative and you want to protect yourself from that information and shield yourself from what upsets you, makes you unhappy and stressed.

2) DVD nights = happy movies!

Choose wisely what movies you watch as energy is everything and we are all connected.  So if you watch a violent movie or confronting movie, your mind will keep playing over that story. Choose movies that have a happy and uplifting message.

3) Be aware.

Making a difference starts with our awareness and being gentle on yourself and others.  Timeout will recharge those batteries faster than that yummy block of chocolate (which will just raise your blood sugar levels then you plunge into the feeling of not being good).

This has a rippling effect on how others are feeling. Set the intention to wake up smiling and welcome each day as an awesome day!

5) Remember your fellow man.

Make someone’s day and ask: “Can I give you a hand with something?” This shows you value someone else and their day!

6) Run yourself a luxurious bath  with Himalayan salts and essential oils at night time.
Enjoy a great pamper with soft music, candles, your favourite drink . This sets us up for a good sleep to rejuvenate.

There you have 5 ways to protect yourself from negative energy. Staying positive not your best starting point  if you start feeling flat for no reason or pain that’s odd a salt bath will support you but having a good clearing process is better.

The more you are aware of your thoughts feeling and emotions the better. If you are an empath or star seed you will be sensitive to what’s going on around you.

You will become stronger as you ground yourself and to  be  more in nature. It may sound cliche but hugging a tree is a wonderful feeling. Always ask permission before you do so. You may be surprised how good you feel after and some times you will hear words and solutions that are relevant to you at the time.

Energy is, a big topic when you feel happy you are energised it is when you experience illness shock or depression your energy becomes heavy.

The higher you vibrate, the more you can shine and live happier days.

If you are sensitive and feel you are wanting extra Clearing you will find a clearing and grounding audios in my shop to further support you. All meditations ,new moon intention calls all have big clearings but some are dedicated to clearing the home technology and you.

Reach out if you are feeling different meaning life seems to be collapsing around you for reasons that are often confusing. If you notice a change in personality in yourself, family member or a friend. Sad but true some are projecting negative energies onto others. This is done behind the scenes and sudden withdrawal  and coldness from others can be a sign.

Watch your thoughts and what you are thinking and feeling towards others as this is the start of an energetic struggle and control coming from another person.

Be vigilant with clearing yourself it should be done as often as cleaning your teeth that’s how important it is.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | The Importance of Clearing your Energy for Wellness

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Written by Judy A Brown

Mind Soul Wellness

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