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Awareness and Seeing Signs of Manifestation

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Awareness and Seeing Signs of ManifestationConscious Signs of Manifestation

When we set Intentions for our goals and wishes we get excited and inspired about what we are wanting to set up or bring into our lives . We all have times when we are wanting to create the new as we are on a journey of creating the best possible life available to us to tap into.
Imagine taking the time to set up space to really brain storm our mission our purpose that will propel our daily life to a new purpose that will reflect in all ares of our lives.

Conversations I have had with others over the past few days highlighted the necessity to be aware of what’s happening around us after we have set up our Sacred Ritual of why it is we are creating that is new and shiny and with purpose ! So what happens is we often lose sight of what it is and i’m hearing we are missing the boat so to speak.

This comes down to awareness and being conscious of whats shown to us.

Lets look at what our intentions mean?

Firstly – We look at whats not working and how we can improve our current life style and Create Change.

*Creating more space for relaxation
*New friendships
*Marriage or taking a current partnership to the next level
* Career change and advancement
* Travel
* Children – babies
* Education
* New Home or rental
* Financial encouragement and intention to save
* Self development
* Spiritual Connection to be deeper and more connected
* Whats my Purpose – Soul Mission

How Intentions  Manifest ?
This is where it becomes exciting if we are committed to achieving our hearts desires and what it is we are seeking at any given moment. We just have to be alert to signs that are everywhere but usually we miss them.
“ Why ” ???
Very often it’s because we are too busy to open up and see that the universal flow  is all around us  , guides , guardian angels are constantly leaving messages to say :

“ You are on the right track come here you may just find what you are attracted to and follow your guidance.
* A particular Shop or shopping complex
* Event
* Magazine
* Social Media
*Travelling to a certain place
* Newspaper
* Television
* Movies
* Cafe Restaurant
* Meeting a special woman or man

Signs are the key to follow at this time and to trust in the flow.
1) Coloured butterflies are showing you that wonderful events are about to take place for you .

2) White butterflies are representing transformational change.

3) Numbers in triple sequence are very powerful.

Recognising Signs to connect your Intentions

Here is a Link for information on numbers

Some Signs to follow :

This is where it starts to get exciting as you are being drawn into the universal vortex of the most positive light vibrations to create what it is you asked for !

You asked  how to attain what you asked for?

So following your intuition , nudges and hunches can lead you to what you are intending. As you become excited you also bring the happiness in and around you and this sets up a new vibration in your field often referred to as the Aura or Subtle bodies that surround our physical body. When we are happy we send out wonderful signals to the Universe Angels Masters of light or God etc. Whatever you are comfortable in the use of words is in perfect resonance with the life flow of Manifestation and Creation.

Staying Positive and in High Vibe and will help you attain that which you are seeking.
Affirmations will support you

“ I NOW create Positive space by staying in harmony to create my Intentions NOW”.

“ My intentions are real and I feel the happiness all around me”.

“ It’s my time to create – and so it is”.

More that 80% of intentions of goals and intentions won’t manifest and I’m sharing this as this can be so disappointing when you spend time and nothing takes place over a period of time or years .
We have to be clear with what we ask for. Never use a persons name to attract a partner to you as this may not be their purpose in this life time and you would be abrogating their free will and could make them feel unwell if you are going full out to create something that was not meant to be. This can be used for everything from new homes and job opportunities etc . Its important to remember not everything that we feel we want or need is for our highest and best.

Sometimes an Alignment Session clearing the fear of constant disappointment or sadness can create a much better outcome for you.

I would like to conclude in saying never give up and believe anything is possible and when everything Aligns Synchronicity just happens when the timing is right.

Its all about divine timing and sometimes we have to do some work around why it hasn’t manifested and then presto the magical alignment swings into play and it just happens !

It is so wonderful to be and witness the Synchronicity with what is available for every single person on the planet if they choose to create in a way I have explained.
May you receive many blessings on your current intentions and may it come to you in Pure Magic for all concerned in the Highest Light.

And so it is .

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Awareness and Seeing Signs of Manifestation


Judy Browne

Mind Soul Wellness