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New Year New Me


Is this you?
Learn the truth about why we keep burning out over and over again?

Let’s Reflect on what was so we can begin Fresh with “New Tools to Support YOU”


It doesn’t matter where you are you may be in the northern hemisphere all cozied up with the glow of a fire or like me in the Southern Hemisphere enjoying the glow of summer goodness after what seemed like a long winter!

I give gratitude each day no matter what’s happening in my life. Today I reflect back on yesterdhay’s events of NYE the people the events the evening joy and just communicating with so many made me joyful.
If you are preparing to celebrate your NYE I wish you a safe and amazing time ahead.

If you are an empath and sensitive to energy you will understand this feeling.
Close your eyes for a minute and tap into how it feels?
This is the beginning of understanding energy do this daily it takes experience it’s like exercise you have to use this new muscle of awareness.

On this day you may be feeling out of sorts as well or not yourself remember to sit still close your eyes and breathe into the why …..
Or what is happening.
Breath work is powerful sit for 11 min and breathe for 8-11 cycles with your eyes closed. Then allow yourself to sit in this sacred space and just be.
Notice how you feel …..

What did your learn from your experiences ?

Name them up
How did you mange the events
Give gratitude for what took place and your part in the event. Are you happy or sad?

Or is it time to bless it and let it go?

Get crystal clear on what is important for your focus this year.
If you don’t know or are confused use the breath work technique I mentioned earlier and ask the question?

•Show me clarity
•Guide me
•Keep asking until you get a feeling you may hear a message.
•Give gratitude for what you feel or experience.

Letting go of StressLastly before you leave your bed in the morning still in sleep state set up your day of what it looks like –
how does it feel what is the outcome?

Always finish with gratitude and bless your day and trust in your own picture.

Watch your mind as the mind can come up with old programs of distortion.
Say NO to the old way and YES for a positive outcome of your day your wellness your intentions.
Night time be thankful for your day.



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