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2020 the year of Change


2020 the year of Change I as  feel into the year that was we will always remember the trials and tribulations the biggest pandemic history has witnessed for over 100 years. We have all faced the stress fear uncertainty with Covid 19 lockdown masks restrictions working from home and for some being out of work or your career has been put on hold and last but not least politics government and banks. It’s time for freedom of speech and authenticity to uplift humanity.
Through all that each one of us has experienced we have learn’t so much about ourselves our habits what we like and what’s not working. Life as we know it had to change so the big awakening takes place to break down and dismantle the old and can I say corrupt dealings hidden in the back wings.

2021 will undoubtedly be energetically lighter more balanced with courage and strength we have grown so much through learning wisdom to make better choices and know when that special opportunity arrives to say YES OUT LOUD AND TAKE THE ACTION TO GET THINGS MOVING.

You worked the hard challenges and the new 2021 brings a new wave of enthusiasm interest and confidence to seek and learn in a whole new way.

I do feel the ride of 2021 will at times be scattered and unruly it won”t always be peaches and cream we will still have to navigate the road ahead stay calm and find that positive formula that supports each step of the way in the most authentic productive way while respecting one another.
I’m hearing the words “Always see the best in one another without judgement” this is a positive start and remember it starts with each one of us.

If we can imagine a river, water flowing joyously moving gracefully meandering around the rocks and somehow navigating the way ahead. This is the best analogy for us to flow rather than push.

It is always good to set up a time to reflect on your journey and review your role and how you progressed in the toughest year we have seen in our life so far. We draw on our experiences good and not the best we are human. The most important part of life is to learn from the growth of the situation that has taken place and to handle things in a new way that can yield better results next time.

As we travel this life on the last day of the year I hope you are doing well at this time of dramatic change we are in right now.
It’s not an easy time to navigate and I have noticed I have had to set boundaries around what I’m connecting with at this time. I started to feel flat and exhausted. and yes I had become hooked into the news and what’s happening. You may relate to this it became a habit to turn on the news but what happened was I kept listening and was becoming engulfed in negative energies and the fear that comes with such graphic details.

I made the choice to disconnect from news social media turned off my phone for periods of time with the outcome in just 8 short days was calmer happier and feeling myself again!

* If we don’t make a conscious choice and have boundaries we become swamped in negativity.
Interesting it happens but yes I have the tools but I/we are human and it just creeps in.
Lockdown has created space for you to become a Warrior / Warrioress if you choose.
This creates resilience courage and strength to journey the new in a brand new way.

Having faith at this time is key to keeping us connected with a positive outcome to make the shift. What we have been pushing down you may have noticed has suddenly reappeared with revenge to ask you to seek the change and ask questions through Self-Enquiry.

This is a Powerful Tool to gain Clarity and Solutions,

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Firstly get paper and pen and set your space to be connected and safe for you to ask your question and write down what you sense / feel or hear.
Sometimes the time is not right or you are tense just pack it away have a break and intend for a sign to guide you.
This is a process it can be quick or you may have to repeat the process.
Trust and have patience and use this mantra

“I AM Good Enough your new mantra”

We are in a powerful time of change and just what you expect we are simply in the VOID of a huge shift of Awakening worldwide.
Most importantly 2020 has given us time to gain clarity and vision of what we want to create and what no longer works 100% in life.
It’s a time to use time wisely to focus on what brings Joy in Relationships Health and even Finances.

To complete this year to create a year of new possibilities I find there will be two groups.

* The first will take action to make life better and more rewarding and will seek support.
* The second Group will sit back and complain nothing’s working and feeling like giving up and feeling exhausted. This will surprise you, 80% will stay the same and not start anything new.

This creates a fight to survive way of living that can result in health issues.

Setting up a time to ponder and reflect on just what happened for you during the year and where are you feeling the weak spots that could do with a spark of enthusiasm to get started to create more for you.

I came across this prayer some time ago and loved the way it showed up in the most amazing ways and excitement!

Dear Universe,


Please send me all the things I need most that I don’t even know is possible.
Thank you, Thank you – Please bring me more!

Author Unknown

Always give thanks and gratitude when something shows up big or small and get excited this creates energy and brings about positive energy all around you.

🌏 On a positive note each one of us chose to be here at this time to be part of this great shift of awakening. We are all part of the success of the earth changes and the energetic influx of high codes of love and light shifting the way we operate in new loving kindness and compassion.

“So thank you for your part in this shift” you are an integral part of this massive flow to freedom. You will be seeking or an Empath sensitive, Star Seed or Conscious of energy or you would not be reading this. No matter where you are on your journey we are here together in connection and unity. I often say to clients in session you’ve got this your higher team of light are there supporting you but you have to create space to listen and observe.

You start with intention to pave the way for the support but its a choice, your team won’t intervene unless you ask. They will never berate you or say you are stupid. The guidance will be of wisdom and compassion. It’s like a muscle it has to be strengthened to receive and hear the guidance.
If you resonate with this and just starting out or have concerns navigating what’s truth and what is not please reach out to me. I am here to support you.

I wish you happiness and success, be safe, stay positive this change is to bring forward a greater vibrant world and a happier higher version of you to attain what it is you are wanting to create.

HAPPY 2021!
Stay positive
Create space for YOU
Focus on what you want to Create
Be the very best version of you that you can be
Have FUN and Laugh at yourself and bring back your humour!

Final Note …… Smile Smile Smile it creates Happy Good VIBES

Blessings of Infinite Possibilities for 2021 and beyond!
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