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What is Light Language?

What is Light Language – How Can IT HELP you?

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | What is Light Language?My name is Judy, I am a Soul Purpose Re Framer specialising in change through activating heart mind soul wisdom accessing “DIVINE LOVE LIGHT CODES”…. Using Multi Dimensional high vibrational energy code transmissions of sound that vibrate intentionally to you each time you listen. The language of light is an acceleration of the healing process.

Your higher intelligence always will be your unique guidance to what you require any any given time as you listen.

Taping into your confidence of self and trusting in connecting to the sacred art of light language.

Light Language sounds strange this language is coded Unconditional love that is divine coming from many Stargate Systems AND Multi Dimensional Galaxies.

Here to support humanity at this time of transcendence from 3d to 5D.

We are shifting to a higher connection powered by Divine Heart Love aligning loving kindness and respect for others bringing peace to all.

You could say the planet is shifting from the dark domination and control to one of light Compassion and peace. When we re align energetically we have a greater sense of who we are in truth aligning back to a higher resonance of our soul magic our purpose.

I support Empaths Sensitives, Healers Practitioners in a caring role supporting career driven women struggling with time sensitive projects and issues that is known to cause burnout on an average of over 60% of women worldwide.
Why because we are programmed to push through no matter what. This causes overwhelm stress and exhaustion.

I am a soul activator and will show you how to re frame your life to Balance and Connection. When we are out of alignment we feel as though we are on an island of pain and separation.

Light Language sacred codes of light have the ability to shift your life fast. I have found working with high frequencies we are able to crack the egg so to speak I am able to source the cause at a root level to release why the stuck energy has been held tight using the language of light bringing freedom. The light releases and activates your divine intelligence that sparks life back to your original blue print.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | What is Light Language?SO WHAT IS LIGHT LANGUAGE?

It is a multi-dimensional language understood by all of us at a soul level. it is channelled frequencies of Light Coding transmissions of sound.
It adjusts to your immediate vibrational coding brought to you to clear balance and activate wellness and what it is you require at any given time.

You will receive through sound light coding of voice and will reach you through your higher consciousness.
To receive all you have to do is to let go and trust the sound of frequencies of light.
This sound of light coding of high transmissions supports your soul transcending the lower 3D frequencies of lack fear and devaluation that will keep you on a hamster wheel of not completing your intentions or your soul purpose.

LIGHT language speaks directly to your DNA
reactivating dormant gifts and personal blueprint.


Light Language can activate your soul purpose it is a transmission of communication of codes and sacred geometry that will activate your light bodies to raise your vibration.
Each time you listen you will go deeper with the same transmission of light. As you let go of all resistance and fear you will go deeper into the transmission of light language. it is an acceleration of light coded frequencies that allow the subconscious mind to let go to receive a higher perspective.



All you have to do is be open to change let go take a few breathe to relax fully then listen.

Lay down be comfortable and have water beside you to drink once you have listened. Keeping hydrated is such an important part in the process of release and integration.
Last words are be a sponge and drink in the codes of divine light streaming to you. Within a few days you will notice a shift it may be very noticeable or subtle. Remember we are all unique in our own process. I have had clients report back to me they felt different the next morning just lighter and brighter.

You will witness shifts in behaviour and outcomes that are truly inspiring in life’s journey or just a noticeable change in your daily life.

Lastly, you will experience change both transformational and life-altering and this is a celebration to see and feel a shift in how you feel to the way you felt before.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | What is Light Language?

Judy Browne
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