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What is Meditation ?

What is Meditation ?

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“What is Meditation’

Letting go through focus and breath creating a calm still feeling is a daily practice to be less reactive to streessful situations

Meditation has the ability to change everything in your life from fatigue and anger to how you view the world.
The name meditation comes from a Latin word “Meditatum” which means “To Ponder”.

This powerful practice has been used since before the 12th century. It possibly has a religious context from prayer work focus for deep peace and inner calm. When practiced with more than one in a group the results are amplified bringing greater joy and happiness resulting in people responding with compassion and kindness.

So fast forward to now in today’s fast life style often time poor working long hours and family commitments. Most of us have lost the boundaries around what we think we should do and what we have to do and this has us on the hamster wheel.

So What is Meditation?

When we still the mind we have a greater chance to let go and surrender which allows us to firstly unwind from the day and then to gain mastery over our own life.

You may ask how so?

When we focus on our breath and quiet the mind through simple words called mantra’s we have the ability to expand our consciousness which is the quiet place of nothingness. When we reach this level of calm through breath work you peak to another level which I will describe as pure bliss. There are many techniques of reaching this higher state ranging from breath combined with mantras to singing or chanting. All have the ability to raise awareness and create the desired state of zen.

Why is it hard to Master?

The mind plays a major role in the whole equation and will always tell you this is a waste of time and remind you of all the chores you should be doing. The skill is to let your mind have its chatter then ask for permission to relax and focus reassuring your mind it can come back and play after you have finished! This has always worked for my students and their ability to sink into the quiet zone is then easy. I have experienced ecstatic states of bliss when at retreats where natures colours are enhanced and dreams are full of colour.
Statistics have shown the improvement in overall Health reducing symptoms of ailments with this practice.

Meditation through daily commitment has the ability to change your life by your own ability to become a magnet for your intentions. All you have to do is get out of the way and allow the higher intelligence of energy to flow through your body creating a deep sense of connection to love that is bliss. The more you practice the better you become. You will notice you are less reactive to events, people, and situations.

How you can get the support though this ancient Sacred Practice?


  1. Designate Relaxation Spaces:
    • Create specific areas in your home dedicated to relaxation. Designate a corner for reading, meditation, or simply unwinding.
  2. Establish Routine:
    • Establish a consistent daily routine. Having a predictable schedule can create a sense of stability and reduce stress.
  3. Limit Screen Time:
    • Reduce exposure to electronic devices, especially before bedtime. Create tech-free zones in your home to promote stillness.
  4. Mindful Eating:
    • Practice mindful eating. Sit down, savor your meals, and focus on the sensory experience of eating without distractions.
  5. Nature Connection:
    • Spend time in nature or bring elements of nature into your home. Natural light, plants, or nature-inspired decor can have a calming effect.
  6. Declutter:
    • Regularly declutter your living spaces. A tidy home can contribute to a sense of calm and order.


My importantly Meditation does you, you don’t do it. This is all about letting go of control and trusting in your own ability to be one with yourself that has a rippling affect to all that re around you.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | What is Meditation ?


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