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So lets look at what’s happening and why and how we can handle and take care of ourselves when going through integration . We are all at different stages on this spiritual journey. Some are unaware and sale through life the best they can while others like US are seekers and there is a deep knowing that there has to be more to life than this or you have had life events that have left you shattered.

I was talking to a client recently and what I was hearing has prompted me to share what’s happening .

What I’m finding now in this time of high frequencies is that the integration is so much fast and quicker now, than it was say 3-4 years ago. There has been a lifting of the “veil “ which means we are not sitting in dense energy like it was as we have big Galactic Gateway openings , full moons that amplify and show us how amazing we are as well a clearing again the old programs and triggers of the past.Whats happening in simple words is we are experiencing a down pouring of the purest love that is Source Energy , Divine Intelligence , God Energy.
Choose which words you feel most comfortable and know you are receiving the purest of LOVE .

How to nurture and why?

After you have received Sacred Activations and healings that are very Mult Dimensional which means we are travelling through past lives though the use of sacred geometry and Light Language which is made up of mathematical codes , keys and sound resonance. Often many have no idea whats happening but the energy present is delicious and warm , often tingling. Feeling calm and supported as you are bathed in this pure love. Beautiful colour, Symbols and Light and beautiful Visions these are seen by many but not necessarily everyone .

Because we are travelling like a speed of light so much work is being done way more that we can figure at the time.
All we feel is the pure bliss and release of the old as you receive the new
Simply said – It is a little like when you have a very busy week you expect you will feel tired as you catch up sleep and everything that you have been doing that has created “BUSY”. This is a good example of how it feels as you integrate you will feel bliss then you may experience tiredness . You may feel flat as the old programs of density is cleared from your :

*You may experience clearing / healing  in real time so you may experience some of these symptoms .

Symptoms and Experiences of UpLevelling:

● Headaches across the frontal lobe and sometimes there will be special areas that will have

More pressure in them than others.

● Tingling in the body that will feel strange.

● The fuzzy vision and objects that seem like floaters but they are not.

● Cravings

● Experience of DE cluttering,

Clearing and cleaning.

● Increased incidences of synchronicity.

● Feeling more neutral, and at peace.

● Increase in dreams, which have symbols or messages.

● Experiences that trigger you to feel and witness your shadow or emotional viewpoints so

that you may clip from the emotional investment in order to release the hangup.

● Headaches and irritability

● Extreme cold feet and hands

● High pitched sound in my ears ( usually lasting approx. 10 minutes)

● Tiredness exhaustion

● Buzzing / tingling energy and little sleep

● Bad hair days….. Hair is limp even after washing

● extremely sensitive eyes

● Becoming a mad/ happy women moving furniture / paintings to shift the energy

● Synchronicity and miraculous happenings

● Increased vitality and a sense of you can achieve your heart’s desires

● Increase in clients and business expansion

● Attracting new and wonderful people into your life

● Increased awareness and a deep knowing of all that is

● deep inner peace and tranquility

● Enhancement of clairvoyance

● Become the observer of my actions

● Heart opening that is so wonderful it flows into every area of your life

● Cooking is now a pleasure and the food flavour is enhanced and so is my appreciation

● You become more attractive and a magnet for your hearts desires

● Glowing skin and looking younger than your years

● For me personally the greatest gift would be my increased intuition and healing gifts that

I can now access to help others with transformation. This is the most wonderful feeling

to be able to share what I have attained through commitment to my practices. I am truly


● Technology issues with Internet when dealing with disturbance of energies

● Electrical appliances have had some issue when I moved house. It was new and

They couldn’t understand this

● My doorbell will go off in the middle of the night.

● Split system unit will turn on without me touching the control. I will always know the

Energies need to be realigned when this happens. Its like the wiring/appliances have to

be up levelled to me again then everything works beautifully again.

● Tingling in the body

● Ringing in the ears (not tinnitus)

● Fuzzy vision

● Brain fog

● Vivid dreams

● Trouble maintaining short term memory

● Body sensations (heat)

● Tasks of my physical world increasingly difficult

● Increased telepathic communications

● Creativity

● Collapse of the old way of Being

● Increased trust and confidence as I integrate more of my multidimensional selves

● Heart based relations

● being asked to share and teach my experience

● Unity consciousness and a feeling of unity with all beings

● Time collapse

● Connection and awareness of the Monad

● Become very sleepy and go into an altered state

● Sleep disruptions sometimes

I can’t get to sleep, other times I can’t get enough sleep.

● A strange tone in my ears not

ringing but a warbling type of sound.

● I keep losing time, not knowing what day it is . . . It is a feeling of being “outofphase”

● A need to be alone with my thoughts.

● A complete disassociation or disconnect with my “old” life. I don’t feel as though I even

“Know” the person I was just a few months ago.

● A feeling of detachment from the world we are living in.

● A shift in my vision sometimes

My vision is very fuzzy and it is difficult to see things

On the TV. Other times my vision clears up and I don’t need my glasses.

● A strange feeling of acceptance of my circumstances which are totally different than what my life has been for the past 20 years.

Why so many Symptoms ?

*I have included this comprehensive survey that was put together a for a group I was part of a few years ago. I have kept it as a whole as everyone experiences something different and probably not all together!
Usually you will experience say 3 + symptoms and really it will be different for each person

*My experience with symptoms can kick in say on day 3 after your Alignment and can last approx 1-4 days .

*Everyone is unique so you will shift quickly and reap the rewards after integration and see and feel the changes that give you the Vitality and Confidence to Step into what you are Passionate about. This is when you notice you are Happier and more Content.

* If you feel it is happening way to fast all you have to do is to Say …. Please slow this down so I can manage easier . Thank you Thank you – Always give Gratitude .

“I Honour who I am . I am Safe to Acknowledge what’s going on and I give myself Permission to Let Go, Surrender and Nurture Myself and so it is “.
Remembering You in the process

To sum up the process you are going through an Awakening of the Heart gaining Mastery and Confidence.Your life starts aligning with your intentions you will notice every area of your life lines up like Magic and Synchronicity which is amazing to witness life from this prospective. Your Home becomes more peaceful and beautiful much like a temple.

 “Like a Journey the Outcome is Always an Adventure”.

To become more Conscious and Aware you do the work and Release the Old to Receive the New Beginnings and Deep Love .

Always a choice and some are naturally drawn to expand , heal and achieve so much more than they can feel and see but it is a knowing .If It doesn’t matter where you are on this journey I am here to Mentor and guide you through your process.

Lots to ponder, lots of information on how to manage the tiredness you may be experiencing , just know it is part of the process but the rewards are so exciting as you move through the changes .

If you have any questions please ask and leave a comment.

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