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The Great Awakening – Becoming The Change

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | The Great Awakening - Becoming The ChangeThe Great Awakening – Becoming The Change , you feel like nothing is moving you are just surviving each day?
Do you feel tired and have aching joints that are unexpected and suddenly showing up?

You are not alone this is part of the process of what I term the great awakener happening on the planet. New Magnetic Shifts with Earth like a gigantic electric circuit.
This is the electrical magnetic field surrounding us and protects all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz on average. This is what they call the “Schumann resonance”. Have you heard of the miracle tone note of the original solfeggio musical scale? This is why 528Hz is also known as DNA repair frequency. 528Hz is the bioenergy of health and longevity. It is the harmonic vibration that lifts your heart and divine voice in harmony with heaven.

We are raising our vibration through love and compassion for all living beings and things through the receiving and accepting healing through high codes of light transmissions designed to transform the planet you and all. Not everyone is aware of this great energetic shift but noticing climate changes strange weather conditions world wide. The affects can be measured significantly since the late 1970″s.

Receiving High Vibrational transmissions transformative on all levels of who we are mind body and soul is a process and requires us to integrate thus the symptoms of the journey as the physical bogy adjusts to the higher newer crystalline frequencies .
Sometimes though this process you are not able to function as normal feeling tiredness, headaches and aching joints as symptoms of the release of the old energy. Important to note this is temporary and will pass. So take it easy salt baths with essential oils added just as you get into your bath will help you release the tension that will be stagnant energy. Massage will support you also.

You may remember I hosted a new moon call a few weeks ago with the significance of the Neowise comet appearing for the first time in over 6,300 years. All big turning points in our evolution to higher states of consciousness peace and wellness worldwide.
Neowise brought codes and transmissions that shifted us to support the breaking free of the past including timelines up levelling our heart connection and to our Higher Guidance/ Higher Self.

So here’s the thing we are still integrating the frequencies of Neowise
through letting go of the old while coping with lockdown and mask-wearing.
You are not alone and now is a time to self nourish self-care creating a new structure if you will of how you can transform and anchor these high energies.

What does being in the Void mean?

This is about being in an empty space to let go to surrender to trust to have faith without the need to do. It is a time to Re Evaluate Re Create

Yes we are indeed in the void at the moment nothing to do nowhere to go but to be. This can be a challenge for us all so routine is so important at this time to schedule your day with a walk in nature meditation and healthy food to build up your immune system.

Not forgetting being fixated on social media and news that will almost certainly put you into fear listening to all the stats put forward at this time. I am not suggesting you put your head in the sand but rather be aware of the habits that creep in. At times it just happens and before you know it you are back listening hooked in and often feeling sad.

To take positive steps to break the cycle tore invent and balance in a time of uncertainty.
YOU are the driver of your car your mind your emotions and yes this is where I’m going with awareness and balance in all you do and say.

*Meditate *Listen to Music *Dance * Walk in Nature *Got to the Ocean * Swim *Ground *Exercise *Journaling also is a fast way to move forward. Use your intuition and you will be guided.
Last but not least animals are our teachers they are wise and know and a great companion.

I start my day with a light breakfast a walk then meditation. I’m finding this keeps me moving at this time.

We are at different stages of life and journey we all want to feel supported acknowledged and loved and how you feel about yourself is so important.

At this Time

See yourself as the beautiful butterfly you have just emerged from the caterpillar state your wings are still in the strengthening process of what’s happening.

“Who AM I?”

Being positive staying active and feeling a new beauty within and around you as you are emerging each day. Your new awareness will be your measure of how far you have come and your progress. Staying connected with family and friends has to be a priority for your mind and physical health and wellbeing.

Music is the fastest way to energise to bring in “vitality” so dance move and laugh and above all have fun! Don’t feel silly get into feeling and moving your body to boost circulation to get the feeling of being energised and the good hormones activated. It’s all so good for you.

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My last words of encouragement for you is to stay positive, this will support your immune system while keeping your vibration high.

Stay GROUNDED and in your body to anchor this change.

Be Excited
Be Well
Stand tall
Be the LOVE
Be Safe

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | The Great Awakening - Becoming The Change



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