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When The Mind Says I Can’t?

woman in white vest and black bikini with hand on chestWhen we commit to changing old habits programs and patterning this is when the heart starts to to kick – in and radiate on a whole new level of wellness abundance and prosperity.

I’m not saying it’s easy when that’s all we know but what I’m saying is through effort and determination to break the cycle of heart break mental disfunction and sadness to name just a few we can step by step start rebuilding to something better.

We all have days, times,stages and areas of our lives that don’t fit or are not working.
I’m here sharing it can be worked with care compassion forgiveness love and understanding to be shaped and transformed into something better.

My journey started when I knew there had to be more to life than what I was experiencing.
I knew I deserved better.
It took courage to make the changes.
Yes I was scared
Yes I was fearful
Yes I had no idea what I was saying YES to.
I cried a lot
I was overwhelmed with what I had created.
Would I fail OMG the fear of not knowing!

That was over 20 years ago I’m proud to say I got through this my determination for change was so strong even though I was in doubt I could do this and survive.
I’m proud I can say YES
Was it EASY – No for staters I was a perfectionist so had to let go of control of wanting perfect – Yes I’m HUman !
Was it Worth it – Yes
Would I do it again – YES YES YES

In truth I know I had become a victim of circumstance. But I chose to do it that way so ownership for what I had created was 💯%
It took time it was a process – Yes it’s an inside job that I wanted so much!

Over the years I mostly “did it” on my own.
This is not the case now there is so much information now available.
My famous quote – “there has to be more to life than this” allowed me the tenacity to move forward to where I am today supporting others in service. This is my mission it is my passion it is my JOY.

I AM here to say I AM Happy to have reached such a beautiful place in my life that is sacred fun happy crazy at times, can be often self imposed pressure at times I put on myself … I am HUman.

But I now know when to say “Just Slow down sit be in stillness and be present”
To connect while giving gratitude for my life, myself and to my beautiful family that has now grown and expanded, my wonderful friends, neiboughs, colleagues and clients that have been attracted to my work.

I am in Full gratitude

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