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Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | EMPOWERING CREATION CALLA Call to have in your TOOL BOX this Call will grow with your journey as your Higher Self leads the way always. Use the photo of the light codes captued on the new moon to activate you journey

My heart is full and overflowing on this day. I have just gifted myself space to connect with the New Moon Creation Call from Wednesday to receive the New Codes Of Light

I always recommend you listen at least once in the present moment sitting upright to hear and know the essence of all that is brought forward for you then you can listen in bed and if you fall asleep you are still receiving through your subconscious mind

This meditation journey call invokes Higher Beings, Masters,  Team of Pure Light Source Creation taping into the  Void supporting our sacred channel for this call of creation to support all aspects of who you are in Sacred Harmony  and Healing.


The energies of creation lifting you out of the collective global consciousness of fight to survive to elevate you out the heavy dense energies of the new and media that keep you tired or with no energy to make changes.

Receive light codes through my voice and the layered music to go deeper with pure harmony, limitlessness and synchronicity flow to lighten your prospective because you are clear to see and to be comfortable to change how life appears, you can move out of the fear judgment and low energies. of interference that blocks your light are released at a cellular level will bring better health and wellbeing.


Deep clearings of false light implants nanobots inorganic light clearing resistance and triggers through your genetic ancestral blood lines of mother and father’s side all with the guidance of your higher intelligence who knows your history.

Allowing trust to go deeper with creation of infinite possibilities of creation to achieve.


Your higher and your guides lead the way and you are connected to your higher intelligence with the support of the vibration of water codes washing away mental emotional and physical spiritual bodies.

You become the creator creatress of higher possibilities as you are taken into the golden door to be more light activating your highest potential.

Receive a transmission to open your heart through the power of love and the power of creation within the quantum field experiencing a new stillness while knowing you are safe flowing as you connect with empowerment infinite possibilities


Notice a shift in how you react in relationships you are lighter happier more in love with a sense of wellbeing.

You will notice you have more clarity and less confusion with change

Energy levels improve

Feel more connected to higher light intelligence

 Trusting yourself you notice those close to you are more responsive around you because you are different, your energy is lighter. and more joyful with insights to become more so you can accomplish more productivity.

 Healthy boundaries making it easy to say no when it’s not working or the timing is not right for you and it’s is ok and you will gain confidence moving forward in a brand-new way with a new sense of I can do this and feel good about new choices


Enjoy x



Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | EMPOWERING CREATION CALLJudy Browne