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Grounding Feeling Safe and Secure

The Importance and Reasoning behind GROUNDING

When we work on ourselves to  be the best version of who we are we often forget the post important aspect of who we are and who we are becoming.   We love working with high energies or frequencies as it feels so good in fact its delicious and blissful and why would we want to move out of this space !  Isn’t this about what spirituality is all about ? It is almost an escape from the real world we also called life which equals earth.
I see so many people walking around that are not really in their body as in truth they don’t want to be here as they feel they don’t fit in , lost or  they  feel they don’t fit into the structure of society.
During session work with clients we work with why’s and what’s of this situation. If you are a healer or an empath or sensitive to energy you will be agreeing with me by now and probably smiling with this understanding. I often trace it back to  past life  which can be multiple and it has to do with not feeling safe .

How do we become not grounded and symptoms ?

When we start on the spiritual journey we are eager and impatient for results so we want It now . So we learn how to meditate and listen to audios that have energy. If you have had an event or trauma you are very happy not to be in your body fully as it becomes an escape . So unless we are taught about grounding we are really just meandering through life and manifesting and lack of  money  often part of this situation . We all know someone in our lives if not ourselves that has these symptoms .Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Grounding Feeling Safe and Secure

Here are some signs to look out for when you are not grounded :

* Confused
* Spaced out
* Can’t concentrate
* Attention span is often very short
* We can turn to food
* Focus is difficult
* Work is impacted as it’s a challenge to keep up
* Lose track of time – just not with it
* We find it hard to Listen , Focus or we don’t
* Tired, exhausted and feeling not right
* Can’t keep up with life no structure
* Manifestation is slow of your intentions and just doesn’t show up
* Health Issues

How do we Ground ourselves ?

Firstly acknowledge to ourselves its safe for me to be fully here in this physical body and this life time .

Affirmations are powerful “ I am safe and secure to be fully present NOW in my body and all aspects of who I AM ” .

“I Create safe space and intend daily to be full grounded to the core of Mother Earth”.

Being in Nature is the best way to Ground and giving yourself permission to earth yourself daily is the answer and solution.
Feel into nature and notice how nurturing and loving you feel. What happens after a while is you will feel supported and loved in a deeper way than  before , all because you allowed your self  time to connect fully with the knowing you are safe , protected , secure and ready to commit to grounding.

When you are able lay down on the bare earth , lawn or at the beach and intend to be anchored and grounded and feel into this awesome feeling ….. allow yourself to feel into this sensation.

The percentage of people that are not grounded is staggering and is up in the 50% mark and this is mainly because we forget or we don’t like being in our bodies and taking responsibility in life or we didn’t realise this most important step in the process of Up Levelling.

Benefits of being fully Anchored and Grounded

Life is so different when you have a connection to nature and are firmly anchored and grounded in life. Look at it as setting up a solid foundation to support your physical body and then this has a very positive in pact on your life,  health and vitality. You will feel like you are able to focus more fully,  concentration becomes easier and you will feel more energised.  Memory is enhanced so keeping structure in your life becomes easier and so your manifestation of your wishes seem to flourish out of the blue

The importance of grounding cannot be put on the back burner as it is the key to life as it is the foundation that gives us Vitality and Health and being Connected to all that is . So if you are finding it challenging to get jobs , tasks  projects completed and low on energy this is a sign you are probably not fully grounded.

On some occasions particularly for Healers , Practitioners , Artists or anyone Stressed or living with negativity I would recommend  a Session Alignment to change the situation so you can perform at your very best and be in the Magic of Life experiencing all that life has to offer YOU.

So be out in Nature and go bare foot while the weather is warm as this always connects us to  Mother Earth who is just waiting for us to connect to her to receive.

* Always give thanks and gratitude for what she has offered you as our earth is also under going huge shifts and changes at this time

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