“Honoring who you are” is often a missing link in our lives as we become
disconnected with events and challenges in life. These events usually show up
unexpectedly which means we are often left stunned or bewilded which can
throw us off our usual way of thinking and dealing with the stress that usually
we just can see the bigger picture of.
We are all so different in personality and I’m sure you can relate to this as
some of us fall apart and close down while others will choose busyness as a
way of coping.
Depression or non-relating can be a part of you that shows up because it’s
easier that way.

How have you been feeling? Are you struggling to find your authentic self?

We often lose sight of ourselves and this can creep up unexpectedly.
It is estimated that in any one year 1 Million adults have depression and over 2
Million have anxiety. Often we can’t sleep and we become restless and this
brings us to a place of tiredness and exhaustion which makes it difficult to manage.

When we are faced with pain or grief we become disconnected or not
in our body as really , why do we want to feel.
Through my experience’s this can open us to negative energies that don’t
support us and our personalities may change. It can be subtle or it can be a big
pretend story of “I’m ok”.

When we honor who we are we are able to give ourselves permission to look
and know its ok with the feelings that have surfaced. Talking and being open
with others helps with the pain and just knowing people understand where we
are at.
When we feel supported we start to believe in life again and the magic it holds
for us. In my work I love nothing better than watching my clients shine back to
their brilliance and honoring themselves. Feeling more confidence each day
giving us more energy and vitality to step back into life and to love who we are.

This can be a beautiful process trusting and opening up to the
remembering of the joys and happiness you have to share and this then has a
rippling effect around others BRINGING SMILES which automatically opens and
melts our hearts.
Giving us another opportunity to shine and feel good about ourselves.

Meditation and simple breathing techniques can be like a new breath of fresh
air as we move into honoring ourselves and connecting back into our heart.
What you are seeking and wanting is actually seeking you as well so a beautiful
way of looking at Transformation equating to something even better is waiting
for you.
This is the first step of remembering who you are and how amazing you can be.
I encourage you to take that step and honor who you truly are and to step into
your Empowered LOVING Goddess self.

Written by,
Judy Browne













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