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Rituals to Change feeling stressed and overwhelmed

 How to set up Sacred  Space when in  stress and overwhelm

In these times of great change we are often so busy and time poor that we forget about the most important person .
Who you may well ask     …….   and yes it’s YOU !
In today’s world our lives are often filled  with long lists of what we have to do or the guilt of what we should be doing .
Marinate that with work commitments , family , Business Entrepreneurs juggling family and children’s school projects or those building reputations for Career Advancements all of this equals no time for ME or if there is we usually feel guilty even if for a short time that we are taking  time out .

Why taking  time out is an Art ?
Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Rituals to Change feeling stressed and overwhelmedSounds funny but we have to be creative to make the time and then to know how to step into chill out or relaxation !

Have you ever been sitting at the movies and become triggered with what you are seeing and the emotions start bubbling up as we know exactly the role we are witnessing .
This is where busyness comes into play as somewhere down the track we heard “keep busy and just don’t think about what’s happened and we will be fine” .      Just get on with life !

Did you know well over half of the population manage stressful events this way and it’s a survival method that’s very ancestral handed down the family line from mother father grandparents  ……
Soon it becomes a way of life and we disconnect from our heart meaning  we don’t allow ourselves that sacred space for us to just to be .

Let’s look out how to make time out sacred :

First give some thought to when you can put some time spare for you. Time is an
interesting concept as in the higher realms there is no time it just is .
But for us our lives revolve around time most of the time .

Judy Browne | Mind Soul Wellness | Rituals to Change feeling stressed and overwhelmed

Making a date time for you ?
•Allow yourself from 11 mins to 60 min  – longer is even better to be on your own .
•Make sure everyone knows you are having a rest / timeout before you start .
•Light a candle
•Lavender or rose geranium essential oil can be combined in a burner
•Music that soothes the soul
•Be in nature or in your favourite room
Close the door and turn off your phone .
•Invoke ( say a prayer ) to call in your Higher Self and your team of Wisdom and Light : includes     *Guides      *Angels  * Masters
•Light some white sage incense and clear your space then yourself .
•Lay down or sit in a chair and ” Intend what you are wanting to create or bring into your life” .

•Choose 1-2 intentions

•Manifestation works best if kept simple

•Use this  affirmation  as an example to start the process.
I am now Happy , Confident and  Successful    ( with your desired intention ) —————–this shows up in the most Synchronic ways.   I surrender over the wanting , needing  , why surrounding this as I know it will be so when 

I Let Go and Believe it’s my Possibility NOW”.

•Breathe into this
•Feel into what it would feel like ?
•How would this change your life ?
•See you having your intention NOW !
•Declare —–
•  And so it is  –   it is so
•Visualise this each night before sleep.

Creating Space for you can be used this way or you could read or just tune out and follow your breath and meditate .

So by giving yourself the gift of time to be in sacred space you learn the art of connecting to who you are .This will enhance your creativity and as you relax more new ideas / solutions  will start to appear .
Remember you are important and looking after you creates a rippling affect to all those around you .

Setting this to be a regular “time out ” sacred space gives you an opportunity to learn to be in your own space and to get to know you instead of the constant rush of busyness .
So with the world around us as we know it we now can  now choose to take time out to be with the most important person.

Yes YOU ❤
This is the beginning of opening your  heart and connecting.

Written by Judy Browne

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