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Written by Judy Browne

When you have an ‘open’ heart you’re content and happy, your heart acts like a magnet of attraction! When your heart is not open, you’re missing out on one of life’s biggest gifts: the gift of love.

So if someone was to ask you right now if your heart was open, what would you say? Let’s take it a step further – is your heart open to yourself?

Sometimes the most important person (you) is forgotten.  We are often so busy looking after others that we forget to nurture ourselves. This sets up a cycle of putting ourselves last, running on empty, or not seeing the opportunities being presented to us, not recognizing all of life’s beauty and wonder.
Sometimes it’s difficult to be open hearted around others because of what has happened in the past? Maybe an unhappy moment with a significant other or an event has upset and closed you off? Maybe you’re low energetically and no energy to be open hearted? If you’re noticing this pattern of behavior, think about WHY.
Did you know our most informative years are the first 8 years of our lives? What happens in those early years sets us up for our life’s journey? When we are born we come in with a clean slate (so to speak). We are like a sponge learning and feeling emotions. If we are born into a family that doesn’t show emotions easily this will show up later in life when we fall in love.

Think of life like a video game and yes you have the starring role! We invite people to come in and play specific roles, we learn and grow with each experience or person. We learn what works well and what doesn’t, and we repeat patterns.

If we have been hurt, we will close our heart as a means of protection and survival. Our heart tells us “that’s not going to end well”. Busyness often takes over so we don’t have time to engage and learn from our emotions as a means of feeling safe.
Communicating with someone you are comfortable with in an open and honest conversation can help you feel supported and heard. It lets you understand what is really going on, why your patterns are the way they are and how you can start to heal. Then guess what happens? That contentment, that happiness, that feeling of joy and expansion – it starts to pop up in your everyday life and you feel yourself moving through past pain and fear.

What happens during this process is your vibration changes sending loving  feeling signals to your brain and cells of your body like a celebration !
This changes your Health, Wellbeing and Vitality and is the first step allowing someone in to share the special gift of love that has the power to change your life!

Love is a celebration of who we are and staying conscious with how we are within ourselves is a measure of how we are travelling in life.


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Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Self Love


Judy Browne

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