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Love the words here ….
Beautiful Love is the Connector. November 1 we are deep amongst change we are all working the solutions to travel the new journey as the world balances and becomes peaceful.

I am including a beautiful poem that was written by a friend recently before moving states and into a new home and life.
Not an easy task but a revelation of great growth and certainty revealed.
This poem is a reflection of what we / you can take heart of at this time with the change that is happening in 2020

** Nature is our medicine it’s about connection we just have to become it and that’s the practice….

Today is and has been a big day energetically we have a full moon high energies meaning Schumann increases geomagnetic storms solar flares and amongst all of this is Halloween and weird energies all mixed up and mucky!

So breathe in and be grateful for all you have. Focus on what you want not what your feeling or not what’s happening!

Enjoy the poem and notice what you notice as you read the words.
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Mind Soul Wellness.


A feeling of peace
A deep inner calm
An uplifting power.
The presence of Being
Indescribable by words.

A place within
When the storms of life
batter at the door
But are unable to force an entry

I sit quietly in this space
Of Serenity
Reassured that whatever
Comes my way
I have the strength to cope

Rest, dear Soul
Faith. Hope and Love
Truly abide within

Poem Author:
G Turnley