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Benefits Of Sound Healing

concrete statuetteSound healing can be felt in many ways through crystal bowls resonating different frequencies. There are many ways to experience sound one is with Ancient Tibetian brass bowls that are each set with a certain pitch that can release and shift fears and emotional upsets or mental pain.
Firstly we would look at the seven traditionally known chakras that are often described as spinning wheels of light. You cannot see these wheels of light but this has been practiced and known from the sacred wisdom masters for centuries.
The human body has 7 main chakras that run from the base of the spine to the top of the head and each represent certain organs of the body.
In a healthy body these spinning wheels representing major organs are bright and in flow.
However when we experience shock stress attack pain or or emotional and mental pain the chakra become dormant and stops spinning and is contracted.
This is where energetic clearing comes in to unlock these areas that prevent wellness and vitality.
Lets look at the 7 main chakra centres in simple terms for understanding.

7 Crown chakra is the crowning glory of the Lotus flower of higher consciousness
6 Third eye chakra houses intuition and our ability to have self awareness
5 Throat chakra is about expression and communication
4 Heart chakra is the seat of our soul and houses our temple of self love and the ability to share with others.
3 Sola plexus this is our emotional centre and houses our will
2 Sacral chakra is our sexual centre and our ability to draw in abundance and intentions
1 Base chakra Simply this represents our foundations and confidence in life.

We have hundreds of mini chakra’s in our hands feet hips ears and other areas of the body above the crown and below our feet.
This has been referenced by Chinese medicine for thousands of years.
We have Nadi’s and meridian channels that create healthy blood flow and circulation. As you can see the human body is a power house we often take for granted when we become busy stressed overwhelmed or are in pain caused from falls/ accidents or what they call the ageing process.
Myself I believe we are conditioned to believe when we reach a certain age we are old. Unfortunately this brings our wellness to believing ok here are some ailments associated with matching your years from birth. We don’t have to be caught up in this collective negative conditioning that damages health and well-being and is often associated with depression and tiredness.

How can sound frequencies help us to heal?

Through different structures of sound resonance sound carries waves of light that takes you to another vibration of relaxation. When we surrender and set permission and positive intentions sound will be carried to the area of concern like a healing medicine.
We usually will use sound healing for approximately 20 minutes then go into a meditation of stillness. The sound continues to heal the body mind and soul for some time later going into the night time of sleeping. Sleeping is improved and relaxation hormones released giving a new sense of relaxation. Digestion and pain have been known to shift during the process. Meditation and breath work will further support the process of awareness and higher consciousness and connection to heart and loving codes of light that allow the heart to open further to receive love that increase health and vitality.
As a meditation teacher and sound specialist I can’t recommend this practice enough to help and support you with releasing emotional pain and re aligning the body mind and heart.

When setting your intention before sound healing think of the process like a conductor directing sound waves of music for the highest outcome.
You will notice subtle changes and synchronicity through regular listening to sound resonance that has the ability to re align the body while opening chakras for better health and vitality.

All you have to do before you engage with sound is to give yourself permission to relax and let go then allow the sound to work its magic on you and your life.

My last words would be Sound Resonance has the ability to heal and transform through positive intention..

I facilitate a powerful group of like minded souls the last Saturday in the month. If this is something you would be interested and you live in
Melbourne please use the contact form on my website.

Written by Judy Anne Browne


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