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The Definition Change


This is a big topic as we are all going through a lot of extreme change since the Pandemic.

Today I  would like to support personal development something you can start right now. A simple process that changed my life when my children were small I  had very little time to myself.

Stress was a big part of my life back then.  My children loved it when I meditated  – WHY?

I became calm and relaxed and our mornings were easy and I felt so good about my responsibilities of being a mum everything became a pleasure instead of a job!

When you seek change to be fully connected an event or reason has brought you to this awareness something is not feeling right.

Your heart is like a guidance system a GPS connecting or nudging you to another way that will build your confidence this is your authentic self who you are. This can bring up fear as a first reaction, thinking the worst but this is untrue because when we come into this world we come in equal and loved just as Source intended. It is what comes next that can change our behaviour to feel less than others.
Feeling flat is a wide spectrum of thoughts feelings and emotions that creates a good feeling or one you would rather not share  with others it is feeling flat and a feeling  of being bad. When you feel this way change is your new pathway to feeling good about who you are on all levels.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | The Definition ChangeSO HOW TO MAKE THE CHANGE

When you commit to  change meditating each day  is a wonderful option  and it’s free. You become less reactive to what’s happening around you. Your heart opens and it feels good igniting healing all from the comfort of your own home. It is the first step of change to notice habits and old ways of navigating your day your life both at work and at home
Your family respond to you differently because you are in your heart space. Your heart radiates love and compassionate kindness and is a gentler frequency.
Those close to you feel your energy is more aligned and different.
Once committed to your practice, positive mindset synchronicity will be part of your swirl you will notice others will want to talk to you or say hello.
This is the stepping stone to changing being comfortable in your skin.

Baby steps we are all at different stages in life journey.

Staying in your heart takes commitment the mind will always jump in and say this is nonsense and give you another suggestion of how to spend your time.
This new process is about Trust, it is honouring yourself in a new way even when you are unsure of the outcome.
Saying to yourself it has to be better than how I feel now!  I’m feeling give it a try!

This is where you step into your power to change that feeling of stuckness or not feeling enough.


Want to look sexy/confident / glow before a date or important event?

Sit quietly and choose somewhere you won’t be disturbed. Place a note on your door to let mates/family/partners know you are not available right now.

This is about you having time out.

Light a candle if you have one
Close your eyes
Place both hands over your heart Centre like Angel wings.
Follow your breath and use an intentional word like

I am in Love with all that I AM

When you use the words I AM you are honouring who you are this changes your vibration.
Keep repeating your affirmation until it fades into nothing.
When you hit that sacred space of LOVE you are there even if it is for a second.

This was my experience with meditation I was so excited I was there I lost it!  So humour yourself as I did and remind yourself I can do this just like I did at the beginning. You may be a natural and fall into this space of nothing a space we call the void is Creation where you can create your intentions.


WHAT WILL I NOTICE?Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | The Definition Change
Your skin will glow
You will feel calmer and more at peace
Feeling beautiful on the inside is a reflection of your radiance so keep up the good work.

You are on your way to feeling what it feels like to connect, starting with just 10 mins daily and increasing the time each day by a minute.

Set your phone alarm so you can track your process.

“Inner Peace radiates your Soul Love”

Believe your life is a change in progress not only for you personally but for humanity is undergoing a big  role of important change right now.

It is a process believe in yourself.

Healing Sessions are available please have a look in the shop and The Courageous Confident Self a powerful clearing / healing meditation to support you


The Courageous Confident Self

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | The Definition Change

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