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As I think of you right now I’m sitting in a cafe wondering how I can best support you with the current epidemic of the Coronavirus.
The media hype has plunged many into panic buying with worrying you will run out of food and stress of catching a deadly virus.
This is likened to a psychological “outage” we are experiencing like an electrical current short circuiting our immunity.
Causing doubt and suppression that lowers the immune and compromises the nervous system.

So let’s turn the light back on and look at what is happening in a brand new way. 2020 has was always going to be a big year. It was going to be a year of expansion.
We are experiencing an awakening in the grandest form. We have been living stressful busy lives for a very long time that takes us away from the authentic heart self.
We became distracted and started looking outside of ourselves for answers when really it’s already within you.
In 2016 I was told something like this was going to happen exactly what’s happening now but because of no and space in the higher realms it is showing up now.
My guidance for the past 8 weeks has been meditate, slow down, nurture, ground and be in nature.

All you have to do is listen!
Did I listen 100% ……

Life sped up and it’s go go go. Can you relate?
We lose connection and start to feel unappreciated and overwhelmed.

I will be hosting another Master Class of Healing and looking at what is necessary to un plug from the collective of disease consciousness.
This is very real so much so I experienced it myself on a recent visit to the Dr.
I said to the Dr I had noticed I had more symptoms since my first visit and felt I had connected to the negative morphinegenetic field of sickness and fear. Interesting to me as I would normally go to my Chinese Dr but it’s time to check in and take more responsibility for your health I heard . I’ve been hearing this since September last year. I have always felt gratitude for my good health. But this time I was being prepped for what’s happening in the now.
So this Webinar will be using activations to disconnect from;


Working with promoting and strengthening the immune system the cellular memories of trauma programs habits conscious and unconscious thoughts. Genetic and family ancestral lineage plays a part in how were react and process information will be addressed on the call
This “keeps” ill health and lack within infomation fields and eventually showing up in our physical body

Stem cells
Releasing attachment to fear
Releasing Fear of fear

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Dealing with the Unknown VirusThis is about youthing and revitalising and energising the cells thus creating vitality.
I have been working with this for the past three weeks with increased energy and can notice a shift in the way I feel and look.
We will work extensively together to attain strong wellness that is sustainable.
The recording will be valuable to re listen to strengthen your reserve to keep your courageous self in wellness and deep calmness all increasing your immune system .
This recording will be valuable on silent I’m hearing for children and the elderly.

The Master Class Webinar will be held 17 March @7pm on Zoom

➡️ New Moon Meditation for Creation and Possibilities

24 March@7pm a Zoom Call in the comfort of your own home. The feed back has been inspiring thank you!
Here is the Link to join purchase 5 calls and get 1 free.
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How Am I Managing ?

1) Honouring my body and emotional mental aspects of my mind with awareness.
2) Meditating everyday randomly when guided.
3) Resting and taking regular breaks when I’m called too.
4) Listening to my body as a constant guide. Your body will always let you know the truth the mind will say no keep going and can take you into the Pusher Personality.
5) Sleep has been an issue so turning off early to prepare for bed is important.
6) Clearing my field using my audios sometimes twice a day.
7) I take Oil of Oregano Capsules – organic Australia made

Link below check it out free postage within Aus.
➡️ solutions4health.com.au/

I highly recommend this product I used it last winter with great results.
8) I’m taking 1 teaspoon of New Zealand Manuka Honey each morning with breakfast
9) Drinking filtered water and lots of it.
10) Preparing good fresh food and avoiding junk food …. not my thing but we are all human!
A treat is ok just don’t skip meals for fast foods.

11) Give gratitude regularly throughout my day and ask my body what I require at that time. Give it a try it may be a Yes or No or just a feeling.
Listening to your own intelligence / guidance – Yes to this for more Expansion!
12) Washing my hands regularly singing first verse of Happy Birthday to know I’ve done a thorough job.
13) Time out – pack up and go into nature – again your mind may jump in and say no you don’t have time your running late! It’s about Choice and what is your truth at any given time .

Dear one, We are being forced to look at make positive change to create a better and healthier life for ourselves our families and our communities / world.

➡️ Top priority – Being aware, present and conscious to know what’s working and what needs adjusting for you / us to shift into a higher trajectory.
Pamper your self – Massage – Facial – Reflexology.
Being kind and loving to you / all.
➡️ Letting go of self judgement and being critical of self & others.

➡️ This is not the end of the world it is an awakening to jolt us into awareness to become more connected and compassionate with self and others.

If you do find yourself quarantined for whatever reason or not going out use your time wisely –
Self reflection – breath work Completing projects/ tasks, exercise gently and stay positive that this to shall pass.

Many Blessings to YOU for Expansion and Healing at this time.
When we have an open HEART it isn’t possible to be overwhelmed .

➡️ Judy  Browne

PS My trip home was insightful and wanted to share this with you, I was behind a car with the number plate of 888
Meaning – A phase of your life is about to change opening the way for your “ Highest Unfolding” – Get Ready
This is our positive confirmation we are in an Awakening phase

More Information of SUPPORT

Coronavirus Update</strong

The Department of Health is providing regular updates on the Coronavirus.
Coronavirus health Information hotline on 1800 675 398.

Steps you can take should you be concerned you may have contracted the virus include:
Call the DHS Coronavirus Hotline at 1800 675 398
Attend the COVID-19 screening clinic at the Royal Melbourne Hospital.
Screening clinics are also available at:

Please, if you are experiencing any of the above mentioned symptoms call us or the hotline .

         Are you feeling unwell with fever?; or cough?; or shortness of breath?
         Have you recently travelled to any country outside of Australia?
         Have you had contact with any individual who has been diagnosed with the Coronavirus?

People most at risk of contracting the virus include:
¥ people with compromised immune systems;
¥ elderly people;
¥ Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people;
¥ people with diagnosed chronic medical conditions;
¥ very young children and babies;
¥ people in group residential settings

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Dealing with the Unknown Virus


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