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Manifesting Successful Abundance


Manifesting Successful  Abundance we believe in ourselves we can live into our true mission and by opening to all life’s possibilities, we can grow and manifest our heart’s desires.

Manifesting Successful Abundance in life we can attract what we were not searching for or not ready for.

It takes a positive mindset and raising your vibration to become a magnet for more, If you are focusing on what you don’t have you will attract more of the same. If your parents are doing it tough or your family you may have programs you will never have enough or you are not worthy. Guilt and judgement can block your pathway to attracting what you truly want. Everyone can have abundance it is our divine birthright sometimers in sessions it is carried over from other life times or ancestral genetic from your mother and fathers bloodline. My work asllows me to go deep to shift you out of dense energies and to remove old traumas around monet abundance and love.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Manifesting Successful AbundanceWhen we key back into our heart and feel and imagine this new possibility coming into our lives, we can receive a warm feeling of expansion and happiness – this is a sign of “Yes, this is part of our path”.

What we’re looking for here is a grounded feeling of “yes” and not a crazy feeling of excitement which is often misunderstood and we become disappointed when that feeling fades away.

When I was learning the ropes of manifestation I would often get stuck in what I wanted or needed to make me happy.

You see, at the time I thought I wasn’t “enough” and I wanted to feel loved.


For some years I would go shopping to make myself feel good and of course I wanted to look good all of the time as that made me happy!I also know girls love shopping so it became a girly day out!

At that time, I was married to a businessman and we were part owners of an international company. On reflection I was on a pedestal of what I thought I should be as a representative of this business and to this man and of course, it reflected in my life with trying to be a perfectionist with family and friends.

Somehow the lines became blurry and I stepped out of my heart and into a stressful way of life that I felt I couldn’t take a holiday from and one that was far away from my authentic self!

With the lessons I’ve learned and the training I’ve completed, now my mission with my clients is all about connecting to confidence and tapping back into our heart, as this changes our life energy.

By allowing this energy into our heart, mind and body, it empowers us to take action and get excited about what we want in our life, our true desires and our highest selves.

I believe in what we are seeking to manifest in our life is actually seeking us to grow in a more open and generous way.

This is allowing us to love ourselves, all that we are and all we are becoming, so we’re completely comfortable in own skin.

This feeling of acceptance is the most awesome experience I’ve enjoyed so far – it’s an all-encompassing, free feeling and allows us to stand in a more authentic way of expressing ourselves and our confidence.

The experience is deep and profound – but you need to make a decision to surrender the stories that are not supporting you or your life’s mission.

My journey so far has taught me so much and has taken me from, at times, deep sadness and un-fulfilment to being open and accepting of myself, my reality and my future.

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Manifesting Successful AbundanceNow I look back and can see wisdom, amazing growth and transformation that let me transcend that part of me which did not serve my heart’s desire and let me arrive at a place of true acceptance, joy and gratitude.

What I now have in my heart reflects back like a rippling effect throughout my business and personal life, and for that I am so grateful.

If you have faith in your own ability to transform your reality, and you strongly believe there is so much waiting for you, in your life and future – I would love to support you on your magical journey of love and empowerment. Together we can honour your Sacred Self, deepen your understanding and appreciation for the beautiful person you are and move towards a more open and loving version of yourself.
Allow me to be your support, your mentor, your life guide.

Here are some tools and maybe a session or mentoring is more attainable than you once thought.


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Power of TransformationTransformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Manifesting Successful Abundance

My Journey has taught me …….

The Heart Connection of Manifestation

By Judy Browne

Victoria Australia