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What is Sacred Geometry and how can it help me?

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | What is Sacred Geometry and how can it help me?Have you ever pondered what Sacred Geometry is and how you can harness it in your life?
If you have then this post is for you
I remember the start of my spiritual experience…I was like a sponge for information, so excited to learn more about how I could be happier, more in tune with nature and the world and enhance my personal peace.

I started finding terms like Metaphysical, Vibrations, Sacred Geometry and Sacred Activations and wanted to learn all I could to allow me to find my own happiness.

Today I want to share with you some thoughts around Sacred Geometry and how you become more attuned to it, to help your own spiritual development.

                               What is Sacred Geometry?

Sacred Geometry is essentially: “sacred universal patterns used in the design of everything in our reality, most often seen in sacred architecture and sacred art.”


How can I dive deeper in sacred geometry?

Imagine seeing the world in universal harmony. Imagine the sounds you hear, the shapes you see, the mathematics used for basically everything… they’re all connected (because we’re all connected).

That’s what sacred geometry represents. And when you focus in and harness this power, it has the power to shift your life and increase your confidence.

How can I become more aware of sacred geometry?

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | What is Sacred Geometry and how can it help me?Think about how you feel when you’ve spent a day surrounded by nature? Maybe on a hike, or a picnic or camping. You can feel the vibration of peace, love, compassion, stillness and balance – most commonly known as “CONNECTION”.

You’re feeling connected to all that is working in perfect harmony which we cannot see.

When we quiet our busy minds, we let go. We let go of what’s not working, or what we desperately want, of what feels unbalanced.

We sink into our hearts and just ‘feel’.

Sacred Geometry has the ability to tap into this awareness to shift how we feel. It allows us to be grounded and in a deeper connection to our own love and our own place in the universe.

Where will I find Sacred Geometry?

Everywhere! Sacred Geometry is mystical and ancient, and if you’ve recently gained a heightened awareness and interest in all things spiritual, natural and esoteric, you will start noticing the Sacred Geometry patterns in buildings, church paintings, art, mandalas, architecture, flowers, leaves…basically everywhere in nature!

Have a look at my logo on this website – it’s another example of sacred geometry (3 layers to make up the mandala). Printing out, purchasing, surrounding yourself with sacred geometry symbols can assist you in meditations which is why I’ve made this symbol available in my shop for you to access.

How can I harness this power and awareness?

Your intuition and clairvoyance will be enhanced and if you have the inner sight you will see, hear and feel the universal flow and harmonic resonance.

This allows you to hear and see the codes and numbers and patterns present in sacred geometry. What this does is allows you to start the healing and transmuting old patterns and core beliefs that are not serving you.

All of this mystical universal connection (like love on steroids) has the ability to shift us from chaos into calm. This equates to balance – where you are able to connect back to your authentic self and be “in your heart” in your everyday life.

These shifts are the key to letting go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you and more confidently forward into the life you want – this is the core basis for my work with Sacred Activations that can shift massive amounts of limiting beliefs over a series of Private Sessions.

Top Tips for Sacred Geometry

  • Be Being aware of your surroundings in nature and the universal flow that is happening all around us.
  • Appreciate the symmetry, codes and numbers that jump out at you.
  • Meditate and let go of your internal stresses to open yourself up to a more harmonious existence.
  • Next time you’re out in nature, take notice of the beautiful symmetry and symphony of everything working in unison together.
  • When you’re in a church, take notice of all the symbols in the art and structure itself.
  • When you’ve been meditating and tapping into your personal calm, see how much more you see in the world aroundam

Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | What is Sacred Geometry and how can it help me?The Courageous Confident Self


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Written by Judy Browne

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