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Why I do what I do ?

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I am so committed to helping you step into your gifts, but the journey for me to arrive at this place as a teacher, mentor and healer has been a long and winding journey. Today I want to share with you a little about my personal journey and share with you a little around Why I Do What I Do.

At the moment you may be searching for a way to enjoy a calmer and less stressful life, a life where you can be open hearted, confident and open to a life of possibilities that will set you up for your future. I was once in that same position – hoping and praying, but not yet living it.

My journey begins with school days remembering not fitting in and being a daydreamer. I just wanted to feel loved. This was strange as I had a good childhood but I now believe I had to learn what love is really about not just say the words. Growing up in my family was close knit with friends, family outings and of course my big brother and for me, a yearning to be accepted and LOVE was the key. This was part of my growth and a key to my life and yours.

I married young and went through the usual celebrations, however my journey was very up and down in comparison to “normal”. I experienced some times of adversity with the loss of a marriage, our home, business and both my parents and grandparents. I also experienced the intense grief of loosing twins during my pregnancy at 6 months.

I quickly had to make my life work and being positive was the key. With my marriage, it was tough at times as I had two small children depending on me, and I was using the best knowledge and skills I had and could find at that time. However, I had to work out the easiest way for us all to get the most out of life, move past the adversity and into a space of happiness and joy.

At times like this, a lot of people seek answers within. At the time I was drawn to many modalities introducing me to spirituality. With the loss of my twins especially, I had to believe there was more to life than what I could see or know. My knowledge started to grow as the Saggitarian in me wanted to feel more aligned and alive. For me, Hope was important so I could create something better to empower myself to achieve happiness.

I was led to every modality that was available as I was hungry for information. Once I started seeking, my gifts opened up for me. I am told my gifts of intuition and channeling came from my maternal Grandmother, Annie, who I never met. The dedicated work I spent learning these modalities have allowed me to hone my skills and my gifts to arrive where I am now:

* Teacher
* Powerful Healer
* A Woman of Wisdom
* Mentor

My wisdom and intuition can help you shift your life through the expansiveness of my education and guidance.

I specialise in helping clients with early childhood trauma. This is where the triggers and patterns come from which lay the foundations for a happy and balanced life and the affects of not moving past this hurt and trauma can have destructive patterns.

I also specialise in helping clients balance their life and get their mind, body and heart in alignment. If you are in a toxic relationship at work or at home this can and will affect your life and health. Humanity has unfortunately been dumbed down with control and fear, which results in heavy energies that have corrupted who we are and have abrogated our free will . You may not even know you are experiencing these energies but feel tired, flat or depressed.

I would like you to see me as the wise woman who can guide and mentor you, helping to create powerful change and shifts in your life.

I have travelled many paths in life, I’ve been searching for answers, searching for reasons, I’ve been stuck on the hamster wheel and I’ve been through periods of intense adversity and pain, yet I found a way through using self-healing, heart-healing, energy healing and this provided me with a reason to keep going AND this was the reason I became a mentor in the Healing Arts.

The knowledge and wisdom I have gained in the Healing Arts have enabled me to be a powerful transmitter of high energies that has the ability to change the way you feel and look at life very quickly.

I have been called a powerful healer, mentor and nurturing wise woman all because of what I have been able to achieve with my clients. I would love to be able to work with you and help create change with you. If you’re asking yourself: “Is this my part of my journey? Am I ready to open my heart, heal and live a happier, more confident life?” Then I want to speak with you.

What would you like to achieve in your life?
Where do you feel stuck and confused?
What pain do you want to see cleared and
What do you want your future self to look like?
This year can be the time for you take a step and start make that change.

It is my intention to support you, show you the tools that will bring change and most importantly, guide you in finding your happiness, your truth and help you create a more vibrant and confident life – the life that was always intended for YOU.



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Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Why I do what I do ?



By Judy Browne

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