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Can you feel the energetic pull of emotions as we navigate the planetary alignments.
Letting go forgiving and healing is in the now as the energies ramp up …..
not to spin us out but to realise we are all realigning into the new but change is not instant it takes commitment not to fall back into the old.
It’s fragile …

Listening to your heart in full breath of connection releasing
Emotional turmoil

Honouring yourself filling up your cup first so you can then support others.
It’s important to have strength to tune into your heart connection to be able to express freeing so the heart can come back to neutrality and safety instead of fight and flight to survive.

Trusting in the bigger picture of you.
Nature time is my medicine to breathe in the vibrancy of the soil and majestic trees is the great balancer.

Mindfulness my last word of wisdom today especially on the road slowing down and letting go of cramming in everything at once to get it done creates stress in the body cortisol rises and we become lethargic and start noticing joint pain and not able to switch off.

My message is to breathe into adversity and let it go
Intend to unplug from the collective and social media
Before sleep
Equals = the best version of YOU
Much love we are all in this together it’s like a pendulum it can spin out of control
Allow and to be still for 9-11 minutes

Close your eyes

Connect to your beautiful heart
Intend to be brought back into neutrality and deeper peace
Give Gratitude
Be at Peace
Be at Peace
Be at Peace
Intend a grounding cord to be created at the base of your spine run this cord down deep into the core of the crystalline core of Gaia and just stir and breathe in the mothers grounding and anchoring at this time

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Dolphin and Whale Wisdom Meditation

Releasing Anxiety Overwhelm Healing


Transformational Tools Shop for Change | Mind Soul Wellness | Supporting Change


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